Hate | Reviewer: Miguel | 5/6/11

This song is just awesome. When i first read the name of the tittle ibthought it would be sort of a tribute to sonic the hedgehog or something, but when i actually listenned to it ibjust loved it so much, it really speaks to me because lately i've been in a bad situation with the girl i used to love, but this song made me get over her and all what she did to me so much, wherever you are, .........if you ever read this i hope you know this is for you, and i FUCKING HATE YOU SO MUCH!!! thanks a day to remember for making this aqesome song, you guys really helped me. :)

fuckyerrr. | Reviewer: kristin | 5/4/11

this song pretty much describes my past relationship. my life is a mess,all becuase i changed for him,i didnt see my family or friends becuase he didnt like them..fell into drugs and tired of being hurt..

a day to remember just fucking rock!

Life | Reviewer: emma | 3/7/11

I fucking LOVE this song. It completely describes the relationship between me and my 'best friend'. It's not very often you find a song that has speaks to you as this one has to me. Thank you, A Day To Remember, for making my life a bit better (:

wrong | Reviewer: tim | 1/16/11

"What doesn't make us alive here
But our foundation was built for sin
Now stop and run until the damage was done
And I've never had the upper hand"

The actual lyrics are " I tried to make us a life here, but our foundation was built on sand, no time to run until the damage was done and i never had the upper hand."

"All but your cold blood inside your mind (All my trust)
Is always burning inside of me (All the way)
I can't make any more progress I know I'll faint
The only thing that can heal this this time is space"

Correct lyrics: I try to pay it cool but its hard to be( all my trust) is slowly fading inside of me (over what?) there cant be any more progress, i know our fate, only thing that can heal this is time and space!