lyrics | Reviewer: skyelar | 11/29/11

look in the lyric book :-) you'll find all the lyrics HAND WRITTEN without any mistakes, then you'll find out what the lyrics are instead of just listening to it and getting your panties in a wad trying to figure it out lol. but to clarify the "Cuz you're scared, can't come to terms with what you are." part, i'm almost 10000% sure it's that without looking at my lyric book as i do not have it haha
otherwise, this song is probably the best out of their album; enough to write an essay on it ;)

-__- | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/11

I listened to the song as it was blasting & paid close attention to the lyrics.
other than the "won", i would say chris is incorrect.
all i hear in line 3 is to take on the sums of what you are
i can see where he gets punch-card in line 10, however the correct word is monster. he says monster-make as if its one word.
i didnt write the lyrics on this page, but they did a really good job figuring them out.

Wrong Lyrics | Reviewer: Chris W. | 5/28/11

Line 3- I'm pretty sure it says; "Cuz you're scared, can't come to terms with what you are."

Line 9- take out "won," its not in the song.
Line 10- Life is not a "punch-card"

Just listen closely, they're obvious.

So true... | Reviewer: Jeff | 2/5/11

You guys really hit the nail on the head with this song.

"Don't take for granted those little things, Those little things are all that we have"

"I rely on myself just making sure that was clear I'm not in need of your crutches
I face all my fears and I want what I knew I could have
Life is not a monster make the best of what you have "

Amen. Face your fears and don't let them consume you. You can be stronger than your crutches. Keep pushing and you can make the best of life.

Very powerful song with a great melodic direction and lyrics to back it up. Keep it up ADTR.

PS. This is not A Night to Forget, it's A Day to Remember!