I always thought... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/11

I love this song, but every time I scream out 'Il rip that scandalous bitch in two!' i always thought it was 'Il rip that scandalous bitches throat!"

Idk, both sound really good there and both would be appropriate. Just putting it out there.

Boom | Reviewer: Gunslinger19 | 10/11/11

So I'm not usually the kind of person who is like "OH MY GOD THAT SONG IS MY LIFE!", but the situation with my last ex is EERILY the same as this song. I was in a long distance relationship with her, broke up with her, she found out I went out on a date with a girl, then wrote me a letter explaining how much of a fuck up I was because I couldn't find a job and how I had "changed" cause I didn't take a summer college course like I said I was. Skipped the summer classes to hang with my brother before he left for the military... Anyway, "I appreciate your judgement, it's proved that I can't trust a word you say. Those must be some pair of binoculars that you see every move I make
"... Fuckin aye. Couldn't have said it better myself! Instead of getting sucked into the drama, I should have sent her the music vid to this, changed my number and "Try to pretend that I never even knew your name, 'cause everything you are disgusts me, (Too bad I can't turn back time)". Goodbye for a lifetime! And that's my fuckin rant! DEUCES!

The Plot Thickens | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/11

This song is actually making me think again about who my friends really are and who's here for me. I don't think that anyone would seriously back down from anything while being pumped up by this song.

When they sing the chorus, though, it seems like they're seeing my life and the mess I've made of it. It's scary, and humbling all at the same time.

As far as the part near the end, it IS "I'll make my stand/Right here with my friends", Richie. I don't know where you got "I'll make my sins". That just doesn't fit.

Hmmm....... | Reviewer: cory | 4/9/09

o.k. lets get this straight, i love metal but this band is fucking amazing. so catchy but heavy. hmmm.. as for this song, its great. i played it for my girlfriend when she cheated on me so i think it was appropriate. it helped a lot and its great to sing to with your friends. fuck it, call me a fag or a pussy, i dont care. this song rocks

yeah... | Reviewer: Carolina | 1/5/08

yeah it definitely says stand...but i hate this song. my ex played it for me when we broke up buuut im definitely not a scandolous bitch idk what his problem is

yeah | Reviewer: Jared Moore | 5/25/07

that guy is retarded. it is"i'll make my stand". look he can't even type right why would you change it? hahaha

THE PLOT TO BOMB THE PANHANDLE LYRICS | Reviewer: richie | 4/30/07

at the end of the song he say i will make my sins right here with my friends not all i make a stand