uhh | Reviewer: Seamus xXx | 1/25/09

ADTR is fuckin godly.

bobby your an amazing drummer and i hope this band never breaks up. i want them to go down in history.

i didnt know music about a year ago and i started listening to shit like slipknot but i fell inlove with ADTR four year strong a bunch of these amazing bands and i dont know why i didnt realize it before but these kids are amazing.

New album dudes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/09

For those who don't know, they are coming out with a new album.
From their MySpace,
"So its finished, After almost 3 years of solid touring all across the world. We just finished the production of our 3rd Studio album titled "Homesick" which is set for release on Victory Records on 3rd Feb 2009 in the US and the 2nd Feb in europe. The album was produced by Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory and mixing duties were held by Adam D from Killswitch Engage."
So there ya go!
I'm excited!

A Day To Remember. | Reviewer: Ivalee | 1/22/09

One of the most amazings bands in the world.
i've listened to all of their stuff and they never stop amazing me :] from Jeremy McKinnons amazing vocals to either guitars and everything inbetween they flow so well with eachother. but i think them and the devil wears prada sounds quite good together. keep listening to them, all of you who are :]

What?? | Reviewer: Courtney | 7/31/08

I thought Alex was the drummer! I'm pretty sue I'm right.. But if im not, email me & tell me!

But ADTR, is my fav band. [Besides TDWP, they my all time fav] but, they are sooo uberly great its hard to explain! Love this band whoever the drummer is! :P

ADTR rawks mai Socks | Reviewer: Oscar | 1/24/08

ADTR is so badass ive seen em at chics and they were so sick all of they're songs are so sick i dont think i like a band as much
the danger in starting a fire the plot to bonb the panhandle a second glance 1958
d00d all of theyre song are badass fav band fer sure! i hope to see em at warped tour!!!

Don't be fake, ADTR isn't a one hit wonder, get over You Had Me At Hello. | Reviewer: Jason | 12/24/07

Honestly, ADTR is one of the best bands i have ever heard. The lyrics, the music, and the attitude flow so well together. Too bad most people who reviewed them only reviewed "You had me at hello", which is a shame, because although that song is touching, it is by no means one of the better songs. Heartless, You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance, and of course some of their new songs. Im not picking on anyone, but if you only like that one song, stop disrespecting the music and explore the other songs, you'll find out that they are amazing.