wow! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/13

I honesstly thought I wouldn't like ADTR very much at first, but after hearing their song have faith in me everything changed. now I absolutely love them! I just can't get enough of them!

<3 | Reviewer: Nell13 | 9/22/12

Hey i love ADTR they are my all time favorite band i would give the world just to see them live. I know all the words to every song and i know almost everything about ADTR. i don't have money to see them live but when i do have money thats the first thing im doing :) don't stop Rocking ADTR <3 :D

Nellie \m/(-_-)\m/

ADTR | Reviewer: Shelby | 11/25/11

I fucking love A Day To Remember! Jeremy's voice is amazing, I have and love every single one of their songs, they have been my favorite from the start and they will be til the end. They are the reason I love music, and why some day I know fans will be screaming my name.

Yo bro? | Reviewer: Austin | 9/25/11

@ Diamond Howell

Yo bro? You just hatin a band cause they go mainstream? Thats kinda messed up... IT doesnt matter if you go mainstream or if all "those little fake scene kids" like them, they still have some great music...
"I'm gonna need you to try to follow along.
I did the best that I could to try and write you songs.
Now go tell them we sold out, like we're the ones who changed.
I write what I feel, I say what I mean.
You can't buy sincerity" Thats for everone calling them 'sell outs' and saying they've 'gone mainstream...'

Best Band Yet | Reviewer: Xian | 7/3/11

U Guys R FUCKIN AMAZING!! Your songs are tha shit.
The song If It Means A lot TO You got me wit my ex. then her parents broke us up so i listened Better Off This Way. Great way to say Fuck You to tha one you loved and still love. You guys r great. You guys r tha shit. You guys will totally get me my next girlfriend fa sho! hahaha

adtr is faggots | Reviewer: Diamond Howell | 5/17/11

adtr is one of the worst bands i have ever heard i liked you had me at hello but now that they are mainstream and all the little fake scene kids say omg i love adtr their my favorite band then they get old thats why i hate them with a passion

I love you guys | Reviewer: Emily | 10/7/10

I love you guys so much:) I have heard every song of yours. I have seen you in concert 3 times...going on 4 on Nov 18th cause you will be back in Des Moines, Ia. Your new song All I Want is awesome. You are definitely my favorite band :)

Best thing from Ocala! | Reviewer: Holly | 8/11/10

So I'm from Ocala and if it wasn't for ADTR I would never have said I'm from Ocala but since they formed I am so proud to say I'm from here. The best part is now since Tom left you can see him all over Ocala and he'll stand there from an hour talking to you ( : and bitch this town has to be the most supportive of a hometown bad as you can get and when you go to thier concert we know how to fucking kill that place. Now don't you ever hate on this band cause if they can come out of this shit hole called Ocala and still be as kickass as they are then you have to know that they are like the best band out there.

Awesomeness | Reviewer: kayla | 5/10/10

hi i love a day to remember you are like the best band ever. i have every single one of yuour songs on my ipod from njlegion iced tea to the danger in starting a fire. your so freakin aweosme. my dream is to go to one of your concerts even if i have to take a paddle boat to europe i will go.

Forever the best! | Reviewer: Dakota | 1/5/10

ADTR!!! the best mother fuckin band of all time. i saw them at warped last year and i almost shit my pants when i heard them play live. they have been my fav and will always be my fav. ADTR will forever be the best!!!
A DAY TO REMEMBER - i fuckin love you guys!

HEY | Reviewer: reiley murtagh | 10/27/09

Hello im 11 i come from australia and you are the best banded that i have ever had on my ipod if you came into my room you would fall over from all the poster that i have of you dudes.
You are so pro i have nilly all of your songs.
hope you can get back on to me coz you are awesome..!

ADTR | Reviewer: James | 9/14/09

A Day To Remember, One of the most badass bands ever!
I'm from Ocala, Florida.. let me tell you, we know how to fucking rock... Lots of great bands come from there, UnderOath, Paddock Park, Vincent Valentine. These Boys are the only reason I'm proud to be from that shit hole!
They know how to put on a show too, the crowds practically take over the singing when you see them live, they give a vibe like no other band!

Corrections and Review | Reviewer: JC Rock | 8/2/09

Yes, there has been a slight
line up change. Bobby Scruggs
is no longer the drummer. Alex
Shelnutt replaced him and Kevin
Skaff replaced Tom Denney so
Tom can focus on his family and
studio productions.

Home(sic) (that's how I ALWAYS
spell sick) was released In Feb
09. ADTR still retained the very
catchy hooks and heavy riffs, but
this album is different from FOR
much more screaming and heavier
songs. Jeremy's clean vocals were
also very clean with hardly any
scratchy notes in them. The lyrics
were brutal and the breakdowns
were twisted. However, Home(sic)
showed a bit of a softer yet
heavier side to ADTR. Songs like
"Have Faith In Me", "NJ Legion
Ice Tea", and "If It Means Alot
To You" showed that bit of the
softer side, while songs like
"You Already Know What You Are",
"Welcome To the Famliy", and the
brutal "Mr. Highway Is Thinking
About the End" cultivated the
heaviness every true ADTR fan
seek. "I'm Made Of Wax Larry..."
has a great mix of singing and screaming
and "My Life For Hire" has a fantastic
breakdown that will have the entire
audience screaming at the top
of their lungs. By far the album's
cathiest song, "The Downfall
of Us All", creates the new feel
and sound for ADTR wonderfully
and songs like "Holdin' It Down..."
hold fast the amazing lyrics
any "Day 1" fan or "heard
them a few days ago" fan can
all realate to. Bottom line,
ADTR is an amzaing band and
cannot be missed. Start out
with FTWHH if you are a new fan.
Watch for songs like "Plot To
Bomb...", "Danger in Starting a Fire",
Show 'em the Ropes", and "Momument"
to sing or scream your heart out to.

"You won't make it out alive..."

the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/09

Adtr is tha greatest band. Their best is tha hook right after the 2nd chorus in "have faith in me" and "me. Highway's thinking about the end". So sick the way Jeremy can change his voice on tha fly and tha band is badass together. Tha best drum beats I've ever heard through all their songs

newly fav band | Reviewer: Josh Gutierrez | 3/29/09

i just started listen to them when they came to the white rabbit in san antonio texas on 3/21/09 but since then they have become my favorite band ADTR is the shit period idont care what anybody says