A Day To Always Remember | Reviewer: Kyle Burrows | 10/6/12

This band creates great amazing music, this song, has its energy pumping mix to it which is amazing and when playing you feel the song and has an inspirational beat, a day to remember is an amazing band and this song has amazing clean vocals and the parts which are growled/screamed are done well and its not over powering and over does the song, it is very musically talented band and great song.

Legendary Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/11

This song is pretty good. I recently found out about this band and it was love at first sight. This song was one of the songs that got me hooked on A Day to Remember. The whole "Homesick" album is LEGENDARY. It's a great song in general and will be one of my fav songs of ALL TIME. I absolutely LOVE this song

sounds perfect | Reviewer: nick taylor | 10/16/09

great song. Absolutely love it. The lyrics here look perfect. Just addin on, and I know this doesn't really matter, but, the title of the song is from night at the museum when larry is locked up and asks teddy roosevelt for help and teddy tells larry he can't cause he's not even a man, then teddy says "I'm made of wax, larry, what are you made of?"