uhm | Reviewer: ACey | 7/17/09

you guys donht really listen to music i take it!? now i like these guys but as for "great" lyricalship they are good not the greatest i love the way this song sounds and they way the lyrics make the song and not necessarily the music, this song is surely going to stay with these guys much like Downfall of Us all, Homesick, Another Song for the Weekend, and one prety amazing love song If it means a lot to You. pretty sick shit amazing album indeed

Definite | Reviewer: Will | 6/14/09

Plus. This song is amazing A Day To Remember know exactly how to word the correct lyrics to there melodies. These guys are amazing i envy there writing and music. Sing this to my gf al the time also

Mhmmm | Reviewer: Buttercup | 5/27/09

I adore this song. It reminds me of my Fiancée. Hes currently deployed. But he has been in love with me for the past 4 years since he first met me. Hes never let me go. But he has let me fall for him. I'm so lucky to have found a guy that dose not want to spend his life waking up nexto any one but me.

this song is amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/09

i love this song. it reminds me of my boyfriend so much, he doesent live where i do so we dont get to spend alot of time together but when we do we always create memories. we tell eachother all the time that things are going to work out i know they will because i have faith in our relationship.

woww | Reviewer: jay | 2/26/09

i love this song.
i sing it to my girlfriend all the time, i go to new york alot from the UK and we dont get to spend alot of time together. but she has the faith in me i need and i feel it all the time.
these guys are aaamazing