Jelly baby. | Reviewer: Nammybear | 10/10/11

This song is for my girlfriend Lissi. Um I don't know how to put this but yeah. I want you back and I'm sorry for being so naive. I just care a lot and you're always on my mind, I know you may hate me but please take me back. You've been the one that's been able put a real smile on my face and I'm ready to devote my life to you. So.

5.5.11 :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/11

i absolutely love this song it gets me through the day it's very passionate and it just makes you think of your life and what's out there for you it sometimes makes me cry, but it's my favorite song and it is very inspirational love melissa,<3 sa, texas.

I owe u guys so im going to see u at this years warp tour if u go hopful come to florida dang it lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/11

I showed my gf this song cuz sht tho I was cheating on her but it was just work so I played its song in the car and she broke down and said sorry and she loves me so she asked me y was I workin so hard and I pulled out our 10 m.a. Gift a nice the necklace she wanted the first month we dated I promised her it and I keep by my promises

:D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/11

This song gives me chills. It's very special to me. It reminds me of my ex. Even though we had a really bad break up, we have been through so much together and he is still there for me no matter what. Even after all of our arguments and make ups and I still love him for that. This song will stick with me for a life time.

alissa maze to matthew dilaura | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/11

you loved me now u broke my heart wtf u nvr talk to me any more i want to be friends u should see this but u wont but i love you i still have ur facebook message it said " love you then love you now always have and i always will baby" and u refer to me as you bit*h wtf i love you come back to me

<3 | Reviewer: lauren <3 | 1/7/11

i wont say who this reminds me of bc he'll probably see this review , this song means a lot to me bc me and this guy have been through everything together , we've fought so much , and yet we still love each other . what it all comes down to is i love him with all my heart , and i always have faith in him . <3

favorite song | Reviewer: Trina | 7/30/10

I agree it can mean something different to anyone. to me this song can be brought towards anyone..friendship, family, relationships.
cling what to u know means u should know what they really feel about u and things arnt always what they seem speaks for its self.
ive gone crazy cause there are things in the street i dont believe meaning people might say things but they ignore it and pretend it didnt get said and as long as they have them theyll b fine
great song!

we walk by faith | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/10

if you walk by faith you'll get to where your meant to be :) everything that exists exists for a reason & what does not exists we create it & give it a reason to exist, isn't that good enough to believe in fate? to have faith in your own & others?
my ex said she had faith in us; well prolly she didn't meant it but I have faith in the world :)

(: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/10

yeah i understand everyones opinions arent the same but thats what cool about music. songs can mean different things to everyone thats why its so cool it can be interpreted in so many ways but for me this song means a lot because me and my boyfriend have been through so much. we got together when i was 14 and i havent been allowed to talk to him or anything and were still together and im almost 18 now. this song truely shows that we have had faith in each without even being able to talk or see each other and we never let go (:

Oh love(: | Reviewer: Amy(: | 3/30/10

This is my absolute favorite song ever. I don't think it only means to have faith in a relationship, but to have faith in yourself. Although, this did help me with my relationship. See I'm fifteen and my boyfriend is seventeen, my parents don't like him at all. I don't see why not, but it's because he's gotten into some bad stuff in his lifetime. But he stopped all that for me. I know he loves me to death, my parents just don't understand. I need to have faith that things will work out how their supposed to cuz otherwise i'm afraid i would have done something stupid. I love this song.