LOVE it!!!!!! | Reviewer: Brittany | 6/1/09

My fave song! I love the lyrics and the band is amazingg :) This is also my fave band. And the lyrics i gotta burnin' in my chest it's callin' for ur thighs, not gross...I got the same feeling with my ex gfs. I mean seriously, people have that feeling, and feelings aren't gross, don't judge feelings.

Ashley <333 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/09

Well , i don't think that having a burning feeling in your chest, calling for your girlfriend's thighs is sick. My girlfriend's thighs are so perfect with and without clothes , that i sometimes have this exact feeling :D
- yes, i'm a girl.

Gross lyrics- hot song! | Reviewer: acop girl | 4/2/09

i luv a change of pace and this song was no let down. i luv it! but the lyrics are a little sicko. i mean, his chest has a burning feeling and its him calling her thighs? Discusto!!! But i still luv this song!!!

ACOP is the best | Reviewer: ZepherRae | 9/2/08

everytime this song comes on my ipod i shut my eyes and picture everything he's sayin. when i watch them in concert its even better. the song is so reveling and so uncommon for acop. makes me want them even more. the bassist is so sexy and seein him sng this song TURNS ME ON! lol

Surprising | Reviewer: Amanda | 12/2/07

i was laying in bed one night, listening to my ipod and this song came on... i downloaded a whole bunch of random bands my friends gave me and didnt intend to like any of the songs ... when this song came on i listened to it over and over. Its absolutely amazing and very catchy!

AMAZING! | Reviewer: kelly | 9/29/07

I listen to this song on my iHome every night before i fall asleep, and some how its still stuck in my head when i go to practice the next morning, and i sing it there. Im constantly singing it throughout the day. So much that all my friends and family now know the exact lyrics.

Amazing | Reviewer: Natalie | 9/23/07

The first time i heard this song i was blown away. I was so suprized i had never heard of this band before! Now i listen to it constently!