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Get it Together | Reviewer: Anita G | 9/12/13

I was tardy to the party of 702 but find myself really loving their sound. Even live it was obvious that the ladies could harmonize. Miss that sound and wish only the best for all of them; health, wealth and steelo stealth 702. Wouldn't be adverse to a reunion project though, got mad love for ya!

joe when is tay gonna pay. | Reviewer: josephjackson | 8/9/11

you know,you know,i have to say i have no problem with y'all . i'm just saying, of all the music i wrote,i thought i was going to get payed,and do you know i never got paid.
poor ,no money half crazy iget a check.
homeless .i try to write but it's hard to.
because octavia hurt me,and people won't quit making fun of me.i thought she loved me , but i see she just made a fool of me. i need to fall in love again. jay-z was the only one who throw money

One of the baddest female trios of all time | Reviewer: Kevin | 1/12/10

I remember back in 1996 when i fell in love with these girls. I would hear "Steelo" in the clubs being mixed and people would get up dance their asses off that beat sampling The Police song called "Voices Inside My head. The were all so cute. I also remember them being in my boo Aaliyah's " If your Girl Only Knew" video. I have all their cd's I and put them right up there vocally with Destiny's Child, Jade, Brownstone, TLC, Envogue, Total and any other girl group from the 90's. They were the shit. It's sad that things didn't go as they planned but they left an impact with me and I will it cherish until the day I die. 702 those girls be a part of my crew.

Come-back | Reviewer: Que L. | 3/5/09

I read that Orish passed away from an illness and very sadden by it. I love you guys from the first time you came out back in the 90's. you remind me so much of me my sisters singinf group....Will you all make a comeback?


I wish u all would get back together!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: rica | 9/15/08

I love all of you girls i was only 12 yr's old when you girls came out and i wanted to be a singer to along with 2 other friends we thought we were 702 for real.... but anyway i wish i could hear 1 more album...

luv ya'll rica

sports | Reviewer: Kelvin Brummett | 8/24/08

Hello!How are yall?I hope yall are fine.I'm fine.Kameelah,my nickname is Chuck.I'm 29yrs.old.I heard yall are putting out a new album.Invite me to a coulpe of verses.Thank you!My football jersey# is 21,I play semi-pro for the Nashville Storm,TN.Next yr.I'm going to theCleveland Browns for 4yrs.Thank you!I'm a coach for the Chicago White Sox.My telephone# is 1(731)772-4231,and my address is 119 S.Mclemore,Brownsville,TN.38012.I like you!My cell phone# is 1(731)443-0798.Call me.Thank you!

Forever More | Reviewer: Tremaine Duncan | 5/20/08

Foreever More...It's something that I say to myself for motivation or to inspire everday, becouse everday it's needed,(not just when I'm down)it gives me mind over matter, to keep going, keep beening progressive no matter what life throughs at u... I fill so mush sorrow to read about what happen to Orish Grinstead, kameelah's mom, and to top it off lemeisha cancer,it dose sometime seam like when it rains it pours trust me I know about struggle. It's not a win that defines a person, anyone can win at anytime and look good, but it takes a lose, it takes a lose to differentiate u from everone else, how u redeem yourself from a lose, discreponcy, adversity, will define u as a person, becouse thats when your true character is put to test, anyone can win, but not anyone can persevere. I have not bought a R&B album sense the 702 album. and probable never will, but only u can change that. I guest that's the power of music, your the only R&B group I sill lesson to today, becouse u put a smile on my face and great inspiration in my hart, and on top of that I think yah sooohh cut,u almust made me pack my bags and move to 702, I guest what I'm saying is that "I like ya steelo", u never fell short in my book, so come on!! Where my girls at 'from the front to back, well is you fillin this , put one hand up, or do I have to repeat this' I know u can do it, do play yourself. Yah... I hop to see you in the future mush love... sighning out ya boy Tremaine from St.Louis Mossouri FOREVER MORE...

Angel Voices | Reviewer: cynthia | 1/16/08

I just found some old school c.d's of mine. I was so excited when I found the 702 No Doubt c.d. It brought me back to those young, dumb and sprung days. Then I realized. The c.d is great even without the memories. There are NO voices like this anymore. It seams like there is no talent required to be in a group now a days. 702 harmonized with nothing but a beat and sounded like angels doing it. I miss them so much. PLEASE COME BACK TO MUSIC!

702 Re-formed | Reviewer: John | 11/16/07

From what I recently heard, the group has reformed without Kameelah, Orish has taken her spot in the group, as Kameelah has gone on to do a solo project. The new 702 is currently working on an album. Nothing was mentioned about Lemisha having breast cancer in the article I read...

702!!! | Reviewer: ey | 8/26/07

I tell you, rnb isn't what it used to be don't people get it? needs tocome back just like hiphop....since urban music is at an altime low

comeback 702 | Reviewer: Tyquan | 8/24/07

I think 702 has what it takes and should comeback. I've liked every song made by the girls. Comeback ladies I miss you all, especially Irish. I've loved you since I seen you sing with subway in the video "this game we play", God Bless Ladies.

OMG!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Amanda R | 8/17/07

I was sitting home downloading songs from limewire from groups that were female group artist. Then the song Get it together came in my head..... It took a while to remeber who sang that song. Then 702 came up and i remember all of those songs they were hot and still are. It made me want to get every album because i rememeber being younger singing almost every song. I wish they come back with something hot... They would bring alot to the new generation of R&B girls

Never Forgotten | Reviewer: Octavious Wiley | 5/17/07

I met 702 in 1996 while visiting my mother in Las Vegas. We were talking about the group and I decided to look them up on the Web. Kameelah and I decided to be pen pals because I was and still is in the Military. I never heard from her but still I just hope you guys can make a come back and know that GOD is in control and its HIM who will make a way. Be of good courage!

Praying for you all!!! | Reviewer: Earl Grinstead | 3/7/07

I want to say that you young ladies have been an inspiration to me. I have been a fan of yours since you firstcame out. I am so proud of you all and I pray that God continues to keep his hedge around you all. Remember to keep God first. Love you all!

I Hope 702 Succeeds In A Comeback | Reviewer: twms | 1/12/07

I read an article about 702. It said one of the ladies previously had breast cancer and one of them had lost their mother in a car accident. If this is true, I am so sorry to hear that and I hope that they have healed from their adversaties in life. They were a good group.

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