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Performed by 50 Cent

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Bunch of tools. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/09

You guys are a total waste of life. Saying all this shit about fifty. What for? Nothing. Cos' you have no life. Stop bagging him and go do something with your life like he is with his. It's called making a living. These raps make perfect sense to people who actually know how to read it. Wow bagging a guy 1000 times richer then you tools cos' you think he has bad grammar? Ok, you try earning what he does with your perfect english... Exactly.

quit hatin | Reviewer: Skeet Skeet | 1/28/09

50 is one of my fav artists an culd out ryhme all you punk bitchs that keep h8in. i bet none of you on this site could beat him in a freestyle. the one artist that i like more then 50 is spm now he has sum gangsta shit

o_O | Reviewer: Santa | 12/8/08

Lols , its actually hard to write a critic about this.....
i mean come on this dude actually made a shitload of money on this.. talk about a huge ass scam.. this aint music its pure canned shit
its not even worth the can opener to open it -_-

lol 50 cent | Reviewer: lols | 12/8/08

like wow can you believe how many ppl here believe in 50 like they would in god?
lols you ppl think 50 has time to waste reading your posts on a lyrics site LOLS
Seriously, 50 may have some rhymes but i dunno if yall realize his rhymes are as good as a 5 year olds rhymes ... seriously its the same bullshit all over again in each song
lol its pretty cool how this guy is always "Packing toast" i wonder if he ever thought about getting shot through the head by a 50. rifle... what can u do with ur 9mm ? vs a long ranged 50. ? meh im gonna shut up now ive got too many good arguments to waste on this "pimping" guy

He's better then you. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/08

This isn't just rap. I think your just angry that people hate them because they made it, and you haven't.

Try learning from him, he's sold out now, but his old stuff is real. I'm not advocating selling drugs, but he's got a tough mindset, it's probably better then yours.

This makes no sense. | Reviewer: TheCorrector | 1/18/08

"Yo dawg for relz, this shit be rolling in the hood, its gangsta shit" Says anyone who listens and acutally UNDERSTANDS WTF THIS MEANS! Try making sense out of this if you have an education and didnt get put into fame because you talk about pimping, bitches, and dope. When this bad rap blows over, than Mr. 50 cent will really have only 50 cents.

wanksta | Reviewer: Alan campbell | 9/27/07

DUDE! yo 50 is real and he da best man.50 if yr reading this dude i would love to sing with u.

This shit sucks. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/07

Why don't you all listen to some good rap music like Immortal Technique, Pharohe Monch, Prefuse 73 or Edan, it's a million times better than this incomprehensible shit.

people | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/07

my name is hafiz he is good i ust listen to his songs i dont listen to rap so ok add me add me girls

...ultimate fail... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/07

This...thing that people call music fails.
It makes no sense half the time, and the other half it's bad grammar.

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