50cent | Reviewer: Dion Richards | 6/4/07

yo u r the best rapper alive and don't let that bitch ass game step in the bosses way. and tell game that i said he is a bitch and his music is wack. yo i luv all your music and i am yo biggest fan alive and that to the hart.i'm from wilson NC and i rep it till i die.

life | Reviewer: jon bellin | 5/31/07

i love 50 cents. i grw up just like him and i still am growin up. his music is great and hes book was good to. 50s movie was good to. hes makeing millions and millions everyday he just made a 400 million deal with coke so i wish i could meet him.

50 ent the God the worrior | Reviewer: JD | 5/28/07

50 you are my favorite rapper i luv all your albulms and your songs you are the realest nobody can replace you from being at the top you are like a God and a worrior to me some people think you wack but i dont who ever think that is crazy i wish i could meet you in person i dont know what i say but what im saying now is you are best rapper alive peace.

YgLaW | Reviewer: YgLaW | 5/21/07

mmmm 50cent....my favourite artist ;DDDp myliukas ;p* didysis reperis....

50 Cent is my bigggest crush | Reviewer: JESSICA | 5/21/07

i love 50 cent he is so hot. he is the biggest crush i have ever had. any one who dont like 50 cent. dont hate on him because he gets females and yall dont get nuttin

i am from cameroon i am a star listener of your music | Reviewer: PLUCRANO | 5/18/07

isn't it possible for you to sing GOSPEL music you are internationaly known and GOD loves you to express what you've got to praise him.

50 da best | Reviewer: daniel | 5/17/07

all i got 2 say is dat 50 is da best rapper im his #1 fan i have his shoes and his clothes i love g-unit all ma friends say tht it not g-unit it g-unot and i say tht the game can go and suck all the nwa members dicks so ya screw da game g-unit

50cent | Reviewer: ramya | 5/16/07

I love 50cent so much
He is born on the same date as me
I love all his songs

i am from eritrea african contry horn of africa | Reviewer: tomi_cruse18 | 5/14/07

dear 50cent i want to say thank you for give this chance and i love your songs that is all ny words

sexy | Reviewer: nicola | 5/11/07

i think 50 cent is the best the sexiest rapper alive me and my mate annalisa love him so much nd the peeps who fink he is ugly i will shoot you

The streat lives. | Reviewer: Ntambi amos | 5/10/07

May the works dat was sparked off by my best rapper 2pac be forer attained by the later day king of rap 5o.

wo0t w0o | Reviewer: kristy | 5/8/07

i love 50 cent so much he is da bomb nd one dae me nd my gurls are gonna meet him because he the shizz slam diggety i love you so much mini also know as michelle luv all mi gurl nd exspesially 50 cent wo0t wo0o

50 cent easy | Reviewer: Cory Buchannan | 5/8/07

hey I'm doing an easy on 50 and want to write to know more about im for the article do ya know where he lives???????

keep it real | Reviewer: jasmin | 5/7/07

I love u 50 and how u keep it real just keep ur head up and dont let anyone bring u down g-unit

i work with 50 | Reviewer: marshall mathers | 5/6/07

i work with 50 and hes a great guy you know everyone like lyllod banks is so shit and shagas 50 50 ha no cock