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G---Unit | Reviewer: Kevin | 6/12/09

50 cent, you're a great man, just before 2 weeks ago i read your story, its centimental. i love your songs very much. im just 15 but i listen more than 50 songs of yours. i too like to be as same as you. 50 keep rapping.

50 cent love until ma heart beat | Reviewer: nexhi | 5/7/09

there's nothing to say about him. it's just greatest. i listen to 50 music about 10 hours at day i know all of his lyrics. i know 50 cent's live was very hard cause he have been shot but i was too. i was shoteed 3 times and i know what is the feeling. and i know too what is the feeling of live in a violent place. 50 keep doing your thang

Hi 50 cent | Reviewer: Miki | 5/6/09

You man you ar my favorite repper!! I am from Latvia. I am not very good at English but thats not that problem. I want tu hear This all on LV. 50 whats your favorite song?! MY Is ''i woop your head boy''!! Keep singing and good luck!

Do whatever it takes | Reviewer: K.M.Rakhan | 4/25/09

Curtis Jackson,man i believe in that die rich or trying, because man life without papper is like trying to get water from the stone. For me i see no problem in that. man really wen i read your story yo really abrave man. God bless you

50cent | Reviewer: houssem | 3/31/09

u whats up 50 my name is houssem am an Algerian for me you're the best raper is the fucken world I'm listening to your music every day i by your albums all firs they get to me i know all you songs and you're the best man keep on shining

yo 50 fuck them haters do yo thing ok | Reviewer: jason | 3/27/09

Yo 50 dis jason I'm a big fan of your music I bought your first album the first day it drop I was only ten that time.from mix tapes to albums of you and gunit I got it you name them.wish one day I could work with you and the whole aftermath record.hope to work with you on producing music for you an gunit. Hope to see you soon50gggggunit

u an inspiration | Reviewer: LuvToffy(Zim) | 3/27/09

u used 2 b 2 gd man on thoz days of "Get Rich or Die Trying" & "The Massacre" bt yo rap has declined a lil's yo background bro tht inspires every nigga worldwide buddy bt tell them the truth tht nthng cmes so easily.Sme young dudes out there thinks tht if they listen 2 ya lyrics $ wl cme rushing on 2 their doorsteps.Lyf aint lyk tht bro.The other thing dont u thnk u shld tek it low a lil bit on the content of ya lyrics so tht us guys 4rm Africa cn play ya music in the presents of our parents.

Nevertheless im still ya big fan & u inspire m big tym in tymz of lack.

dear 50cent | Reviewer: helaina | 3/1/09

dear 50cent me and my boy friend fell sorry for u i have been through a shit life my brother and my dad and my best friend died in my arms on the way to school. hey look we are sorry but there is no use fighting cause it doesn't sove any think sosos please don't fight have a good life be with ur son he loves u and my boy friend though his life was shit but he grow up fighting and then he stopped cause i was 4 months pregtant with his kid in my stomach and it is a lil girl. sosos please don't fight grow up and have a good life. from helaina powe here is my addy

GGGGG G UNIT!!! | Reviewer: Vincent | 2/26/09

Yeah this is VINCE from South Africa..50 you rock,my boy!! "Sunny days wouln't be so special if it wasn't 4 wouldn't feel so good if it wasn't 4 pain"..that's how it is boy!! Keep it like that,Guerrila!!

50cent-an alive legend | Reviewer: kusha | 2/25/09

hello 50cent.You're my big idol.even thoug everyone critcize me for that (cause you know for many people you'e nothing more than a fucking vandal)I'll always have a special sympathy for you.
the main reason why I like you Is cuz from a poor child you become one of the reachest people in the world and I like you cuse your music for me is the best music all over our planet.

REAL TLK 3 | Reviewer: DNT WORRY BOUT IT | 1/31/09


hi my best musician all around the woorld | Reviewer: nasiru afeez | 1/14/09

my name is afeez from Nigeria in africa. people say you aren't the best but when i hear that i bust out i insult them and even fight with them just because u are the inccredible singer. but 50 let people knoow who you are cus god iis behiind u more blessing to you 50cent...........gggggggggggggggggggunit

I love g unite+d12 | Reviewer: Hasanain hadi | 1/7/09

Hi im hasanain 22years medichal student frm iraq.50 u r a real hero 2 survive all these fucken conditions.u r the best rapper ever.i love ur works with eminem.especialy the re-up.keep on doing that magic u do.bye

The True Man | Reviewer: BrandiiBridge | 12/28/08

Curtis Jackson, this is to you man, you inspire so many people like myself you are an amazing artist and your work has became amazing, you keep doing what you do because all your work and effert has shown, I love your music, when i'm upset or mad I listen to it and it takes everything I have in my life out and its just you rapping an im happy cos what you do inspires me, what you've been through has inspired me, what you have become after all it has happens INSPIRES me the most because you keep yea head upp and you go on like who cares what happened then its now and now is what I have to start and soon it will just be then and you keep going nothing gets in your way and I thank you for that.
Love you to death

I respect u are the best 50 | Reviewer: jensen | 11/8/08

u are the best i will say it again and again cause ur lif can not be lik any one iknow among all musician every time i hear ur rymes make me feel lik im in another wolrd cause ur my sign for my success wish all the best and i wish i'll see uone day face toface its me most wanted CHAO.

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