50 Cent For President ;D | Reviewer: Breanna and Alayna | 7/1/11

Dear 50 cent,

Today , me and my friend Alayna had a wonderful idea that we should have a hott president and we automatically thought of you! So next running we hope you will apply to be president , that would make us and a lot of people happy. Gracias , and happy haunnakah.

50 cent and the comment that hes fake | Reviewer: ray sartell aka koozy | 6/29/11

see fuck the bullshit people say fuck 50 he fake but not alot of niggas realize that he been threw i know he has cause i been there done some things that i didnt like to do to get where i am now and im sure 50 has to niggas been around the hood alot so fuck wat people got to say 50 got his shit on lock

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/11

well people say up there 'we went through the same things as you', you didnt? nobody actually kniws the traumity besides him, i watched his film 'get rich or die trying' and i have great respect, however we all go through the things and 50 has clearly been worse off! however 50 cent and nicki minaj are my idols, maybe im not from new york or america ot africa or whatever but where im from is surely got bad conditions, trust me, but where i live nobody makes a big deal about drugs AT ALL seriously, im a 13 year old girl right? and ive done most things under the sun? i take drugs drink smoke steal, ive been in youth offenders lots of times, but its still not a big deal because EVERYONE does that around here its funny thouggh were so chavvy :')

me and 50 life is d same | Reviewer: vicky joseph ( jr 50 cent | 5/14/11

hey 50 my life is d same like your i am raised and bought up in my life by my grand mom i am also fr5m south side hve my own rap's written they call me jr 50 cent in d hood u r d best u r my hero i want to rap wth u

bro | Reviewer: socks | 5/12/11

hello again as i said my bro is really inspired by you and your life style and path .if you read this and im not barking up the wrong tree my brother woulg really love a pic of you and a sighned soveniur if not and i find out you are actually getting theese ill give you my email and real name so you could reply love you now and forever keep up your achivments i am 10 yrs old and listen to you every dat love you so much

lovin u | Reviewer: socks | 4/29/11

hi 50 just to say my disabled brother is inspired by you he is 21 and he just loves you and i love you to the way you rap just caus im a girl i can still rap and i want to split bars just like you are my hero and when im older and i have kids ill make shore they no who you are you inspire so many people hope you read this caus it is the only way to speak 2 u hope u read this oxoxoxoxoxoxoxgod bless you and your homies and family

Number one hustleler get money | Reviewer: Ojueromi Timilehin | 4/5/11

I know is not much easy for to grow up without the support of father and mother,but yet u hustle for rap and really u are the best.and I norm that number one hustleler get money cuz big money weezy.I love u curtis and I still remain ur fans.curtis of yesterday is now the cent of today.alway thank the lord for u life.9shot still yet u live,u are a legend

you my best rapper | Reviewer: AKINGBOLA OLUBUNMI CHRIS | 3/10/11

hi 50cent, but this ur name is nomore fitting u ,coz u are morethan that, are billion dollars now, l always love your song how are which to have opportunity to see ur live show and is you one on one i be most happiness person in world, but i blv one which i dnt know yet, God wil give that grace to come Ameria. 50 u will always be my legend i love u. am from Nigeria

50 Cent | Reviewer: estevan | 3/8/11

hey 50 my name is estevan and i have been writting a report about you and how you came about to the rap game and how your life was growing up...i just wanted to tell you that i have been through a little bit of what you went through with the whole drug situation and your movie mad get rich or die trying made me think differnet about mylife and not look at things so bad or negative thanks!

i look up to you | Reviewer: smitty | 3/7/11

hey i know you prolly wont read this but ive been a huge fan and i love how you came from the streets flipped ur life around most people dont, its cool how real u are, was just tellin you peace out.

Fan since like age 1: Smitty

a kind request | Reviewer: Romesh Raban | 1/16/11

Hi 50!!! hope u keppin' a'right even though i dontcha knw abo't yo... listen i'm kinda requesting u to do me a huge favor... i'm just a mad mad crazy fan of yours... u may just ignore this text but atleast read it!! i'm a guy from sri lanka who is actually livin' in Rome.. i wud really orelse greatly appreciate if u at least read this fuckin* text.. please can u just send me a mail or somethin? pllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeee???i'm just askin' yo to be a friend of me... (hope u dont ignore this text)

I have a House on Lake Michigan which You MUST See!!! | Reviewer: dwillette@grar.com | 12/30/10

I'm a REALTOR in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area which you like so much. A friend of mine has a house on Lake Michigan, not far from G.R.I think you would REALLY like it. The home was built in 2009.Just let me know and I'll make the arrangements. The owners split their time between Michigan and Ft. Meyers Florida. I hope to hear from you, soon. Thanks

to say how inspirational you are | Reviewer: renae | 12/19/10

i think you will lead alot of kids in the right direction cause you been through it all and more i let my kids watch your movie so maybe they will not lead that same type of life i bet you have open alot of kids eyes to street life and drug use you are a real hero to alot of people wish you could have opened my brothers eyes before he went to jail he got wrapped up in drugs, violence, guns, got shot alot with bb pellets and now has to be in jail along time so thanks for being a hero to everyone.

50 u r awesome, and this is not enough for u. | Reviewer: Vir Vik | 11/29/10

Hi, 50 u r a real hero, i ever seen. You are a true player of life. U r my all time favorite, i hear always ur song "PIMP" is superb and "Many Man" is so awesome.
I pray for u and good luck for ever.

50's a Beast | Reviewer: Jared | 11/5/10

50 Cent is the best rapper ever. Hes got the best movie out there. 50 Cent 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'. Hes a hardcore gangster from queens and nobodies gonna stop him. SHOT 9 TIMES, and livng. Tell me that aint a player