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i love | Reviewer: tenzin yonten | 11/8/08

my dear 50
I am tenzin yonten. i am 16 years old.i am a boy, i am living in India, actually i am refugee, my mother land is Tibet.
so i always listing your music, i feel there is some thing mystery behind your voice.
i love and i want to stay with u in new york and i want to study there. please hold me. and me there.
with love yours
son yonten

You are really a good person | Reviewer: beverly Richards | 10/27/08

Hi my name is Beverly Richards,and would like to say to 50 cent that you keep doing you.Dont listen to what the haters say about you.I know deep down that you are a good person.I just wished that you would want to know more about your father family.Maybe it will do you some good to know that you have other siblings out there that is willing to stick up for you.People always talk about your mom and what she did.I think thats wrong to talk about someones mom like that.Keep your head up and maybe one day you would really want to get to know your other side.GOD BLESS YOU IN ALL YOU DO AND ACHIEVE.1BEVIE

Not much to say . | Reviewer: M@r1 | 10/19/08

Hey fifty,think your life's so Dirty,got a lot hurty? Hah
Sorry for all this tragedy you 've been livin'
But i think it's so nice to see now rappin'
I know it was so hard to you to get in
But i think you 're now too much in the game , See no one now can even ignore your name,
Your life sucks but your not the one to blame.
I'd love to be one as you or Em but can't,
See it's my dream but i'm affraid of cant,
Bein' so famous makin' my own damn show
Too many people screamin' my name GO GO GO!

With all My love & Respect Marwan

Pro Producer | Reviewer: Safizzle | 9/30/08

Hi 50 ma name is safi and actually i wanna say some short words you see you hv been through a lot in you life but you see i thinkl you may know the best key to be like you you c right now you are the richest among those american mc me umma tanzanian boy and id like wnt to tell you tha one you are gonna hear ma shit on the radio coz i knw i hv what it takes to be a proproducer in the future.You really inspire me on ma job as a Pro producer Chill.!

hi best singet by farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! | Reviewer: andreas | 9/15/08

hi my name is andreas u are like da best rap singer i no m8 are u gona make onother album kl tc man u better lol kl l8trz u are 2 sick every 1 sez there ur biggest fan but u o something im ur biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You rule. | Reviewer: Friday | 8/9/08

Men,50cent you are the greatest rapper i ve ever known. You got me being a 50 cent wannabe. I'll do wateva it took to be a member of the G-Unit. so much discipline ond tenacity. you are my role model. Friday from lagos , nigeria.

hi the kig of the rappers | Reviewer: ALY | 8/5/08

my name is ALY and I'm a SENEGALESE from AFRICA.I just want u to know dat I'm happy with u bcoz u sing very well and I like de way you do it. I hope dat your son too will do it better dan u. So my king I'm so glad dat I don't know what to say.

awsum | Reviewer: natasha walker | 8/4/08

heya i hope you read this message as i am a great fan ov urs, ur film was great, its amazin how much uve been thru and and still gone 4 your dreams! hope i get a chance 2 meet you sum tym!!! !!!G-UNIT IS THE BEST 4EVA!!! xxx love ya xxx

the biggest fan in all asia!!!! | Reviewer: muhamedmahdi | 8/3/08

here im a fan bornt in iri!there is a mistake!50 will read this???!!!
the reason im typin is only the love with his voice!not to be taken by him for a featuring!
50 is the best in the street's!
wut da fucks up!he don answer fans!

50 cent you inspire me to be a rapper some day | Reviewer: Eric Waites | 7/29/08

dear 50 cent my name is Eric Waites, and I want to say that you and Eminem inspire me to be a rapper some day my friends gave me the nick name Big E,I would like to meet you and Eminem some day

wats up?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/08

well fifty wats up??i think your fantastic you had a dream and you made sure you got your!!!i have a dream and i will get mine like they say dreams do come true you just got to go after wat you want.Keep doing your thing..Love Aoife Xxxxxxxx,Hope you read this message.....

hi | Reviewer: hosea (j.yo) | 7/15/08

whats up 50 how u my name is hosea and i am one o the gratest fans of u. i like ur song using ur stayle so keep it up. and i wana like 2 see u singing with eminem plz 50.this is hosea rom eritrea. gggggg unit

hi 50 cent. | Reviewer: gwen | 7/7/08

For many years i've been thinking of how did u make it then i saw you're movie a couple of imes and it really touched.You are hte geatest guy ever u started to sell crack i got mad i mean mad then i saw tht u blew of magistic i was so happy ure music is gr8 im youre biggest fan.
luv u.
PS: i have lots of posters of u in my room and trying to get more.

hi | Reviewer: Musa sidibeh | 6/25/08

My name is Musa Sidibeh iam a student of Gambia college,iam very greatfull of you and i would like to inform you that your music touches my heart and also make me happy even when iam angry.keep it up and i will never forget you for the rest of my life.and i will also like to have you as a friend.take care.

50 cent | Reviewer: sanil | 6/15/08

50 cent please do not do drugs or do not sell it because your are not a alone you have to care about
you wife and your child so concentrate in singing..and one thing is to say
i am biggest fan of yours

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