Ayo Technology | Reviewer: Natalie | 12/17/07

i think 50 cent has had a really hard life hes been shot, lost his mum and had to see crime and risen and falling to and from fame. I completely identify as my mum died when I was 13 and my dad is jamaican and i know what it feels like when people pick u up and drop you

Naughty | Reviewer: Diana | 12/4/07

Hi Guys, This guy 50 lived some crazy life and his songs don't inspire 4 real but i would feel pathetic for the life he went through without the parents.iam from uganda-The land of milk and honey.

the real raper | Reviewer: Shawn | 11/30/07

hey, yo I like songs of 50 and G-Unit. I like the songs where he shoots like Many Man. I like New-York and the live what is in this town. I want to fuck thouse deam cops, who arrests people what are no bad. I think 50 will write more songs aboun his live and bussiness in New-York.

gangsta 4 life | Reviewer: sue don | 11/30/07

50 is da best rappa ur gonna hear wen he makes music he knows wat hes talkin bout he says his heart and wat he has bin thru in his life must have bin hard. i hope he carys on rappin and sucseeds wat he wanted to peace g xx

you the man | Reviewer: rapido morte | 11/23/07

50 is the man of the moment is for real his shit is dope i feel him dawg he is my number one rap artiste i love everything about him i was so happy the day i saw him in nigeria my country when him and some host of G.Unit camt to perform

tha real blessing | Reviewer: yung king | 11/25/07

yo 50 i know u growed up a hard life im growing up without a farther but lifes good to me im living with my mother she has a good two jobs to provide for me but 50 that was just some i had to off my chest 50 you my favorite rapper oh i live in birmingham in midfield if you wanted to know and my name is maurice and i rap to 50 you my favorite rapper keep up the good work .uurr great. oh number is 427-6664

Charlezz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/07

yo stight up i relat to 50 just becouse the things that happend to him happend to me, i dont have a dad, nor mom, i do everything he did, evon befor i kno him, he is my father insperation.

thugged up | Reviewer: CN | 11/15/07

every song 50 make, he speaks tha truth. he probably tha most realiest person in tha game rite now. i mean, listen to his songs and look back at tha life he had. he wasn't homeraised (his father wuss never around and havin his mom killed by who is supposedly his father), he grew up around untrusted people, he has been to jail plenty of times, due to drug and weapon charges, he could never get a real job so he decided to sell drugs, he has been shot nine times, very close to dying, he has been stabbed, and everyday in his past life, he would wake up, knowing that he has nothing positive in his life and has nothing to actually live for. that is what u call a REAL thug. not tha ones who walk around wit durags and hats twisted backwards wit over-sized jerseys on and heavy jewelry. that is not a real thug. a real thug is someone who goes through bullshit every day, not knowing what to do to get away from it. and whenever adults or police officers look on tv and see these rappers who actaully lived and been through tough lives and say "their nothing you want to be like, their very lucky to be alive today", they might be right, but they don't know what in tha world they have been through to get to where they're at today.


Love you 50!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/07

No one cares about your comparisons to 50, give him his props as they are due. He's an amazing artists in his own right, and all due respect to other artist who are nothing but cry babies and ghetto divas, fronting about a life they know nothing about. You voice your opinion and I'll voice mine. True stories, sorry for your lost, but Kanye WEst is not street!

oh shit | Reviewer: Ice Berg Slim | 11/14/07

1 thang i can really say bout 50 is that with his latest album he is taking bubble gum rap to da nex level cuz its all killin and killin and more killin if not ice.we tired of hearin that.it aint rite.any1 wu opposes me wen i tell em that get rich is a classic,shud say so cuz afta the latter he was on sum lyrical bullshit like my chain this,my chain that but nevatheless his not bullshit bout his MONEY touching the ceiling cuz CAMERON be buying codos and his buying the whole building.i like that

50 cent | Reviewer: angie | 11/13/07

50 cent had a hard life growing up he never knew his father and his mother died when he was still a child. As 50 cent grew up he sold drugs to get money. he later on had his first child and stoped selling drugs and started to make songs and albums. He was shot 9 times and is still alive today.

im a big suke | Reviewer: bill brimlow | 11/8/07

yo bois my names bill,. just wanted to say that i think 50 cent is soft ive taken more bullets than him and i dont sing about all my sorrows in my rap songs, i dont need no bullet proof vest, and i think kanye west is the bomb, i would rather take 10000000000000 bullets to the chest before hearing another song from 50 cent. so all u 50 supporters should get a life and listen to some real music!!!!!

biggest fan | Reviewer: derek terrones | 11/8/07

yo 50 is the shit it's like his song meny men if he got shout nine times then he must be here for a real reason i bet he fucked some gang bangers up to shit i got all his albums i evan got the ones they wouldnt let him publish it's a good thing he in this life because i wouldent be as hard as i am now shit shit i got shout once and i almost died you must of been a hard street soldire
gggggg-unit peace 50 let your mom rest in peace

Yea | Reviewer: Chad | 11/7/07

Ayo 50, im 15 man been arrested 5 times. fuck the cops. coming up in baltimore aint easy. ya feel. My football coach always bitching for me to get to school but fuck it im dropping after football. all the colleges already labeled me as a blackball but fuck it. i see and make great money so fuck all COPS.

yo man | Reviewer: Jim Denham | 11/6/07

My names jim and i'm like a big fan of you man and you must be pretty brave surviving 9 bullets.
I wish ya good look. (I'm 10 )