hi | Reviewer: Musa sidibeh | 6/25/08

My name is Musa Sidibeh iam a student of Gambia college,iam very greatfull of you and i would like to inform you that your music touches my heart and also make me happy even when iam angry.keep it up and i will never forget you for the rest of my life.and i will also like to have you as a friend.take care.

50 cent | Reviewer: sanil | 6/15/08

50 cent please do not do drugs or do not sell it because your are not a alone you have to care about
you wife and your child so concentrate in singing..and one thing is to say
i am biggest fan of yours

I will See you soon!!! | Reviewer: fitnessjess | 5/30/08

Just a quick thankyou and hello before we meet. You and me are gonna be friends for life soon! Can't wait to meet you and work with you this summer on MTV. We are gonna make big changes in this world 50! ;)
Miss Jess

I will see you soon! | Reviewer: Jess | 5/30/08

Just wanted to send a thank you before hand! We are gonna be friends for life! I'm soo grateful to you for the opportunity to make my business dreams a soon reality! I'll see you this summer in Chicago on MTV! We are gonna make some big changes in this world! You were put here for a reason, don't forget it! ;)
Miss Jess

soon to come | Reviewer: elliot | 5/29/08

ayo 50 i aint gonn feen lik da rest of dees cats but juzz 2 let u no imma be comin out soon u gonna here about som nigga named caspar and one name kwizz an i got wat it take trust me im serious an i dont sukk we juzz aint got no intrest yet i dnt think anyone heard us yet but yea get at me

50 cent should he be famous? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/08

50 cent has came from nothing and he has become one of the best musicians and most sucesful hiphop/rap artists ever. but many questions can be asked about how he got there and if he really deserves it. but with he awsome voice and his many succesful albums since 1999. 50 cent if the most questionable celebrity ever. has it been the coices he has made or just the family he was born in too? but there is still no dought that he will continue to make music and become the most celebrated stars in the world. G-UNIT IS THE BEST!!!

marcus | Reviewer: saeed tajer | 4/11/08

you know sometimes i think to ma self and say mabey 50 cent had something good to stay alive. i think that god helped him and knew that he was going to get somewere which he has done and one of americans best stars and billioners.god bless 50.

50 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/08

fifty is mos definetly my favorite rapper!!!!!!!!!!!He always looks fly and sexy!I luv da way he flows on all of his songs and his lyriqs are really fresh! My favorite songs he does are MANY MEN, OUTA CONTROL, TOY SOLDIER, HOW WE DO, IN DA CLUB, and JUST A LIL BIT!!!!!!!!!

06/04/2008 | Reviewer: mehari tekle | 4/6/08

what's up 50 men how r u i hope u will be fine.so let me introduce my self im an eritrean niger what i wana say is i like u & i love your songs so much.so what i wana wish is to touch ur hands & i hope u read my message so good bye & tanx for the chance u gave me.

BEST SINGER AND SEXY | Reviewer: diana | 4/3/08

Hy you are really good i am from kosova i like to be your please still singing because you arre the best bye

50 cent for life | Reviewer: emile cent | 3/29/08

I like 50cent cause He's all thing I need he makes girls enjoy

I don't to know anything again | Reviewer: Bache | 3/27/08

I love you 50's and anytime i listen to your music i got many inspiration on how to live my life again.I Know someday i will be hot like you.I'm from West Africa and i wish to be in G-unit.and also can i send you some of my shit rappin's no one but you.

hahahahahahahaha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/08

i like him.ahhah.he's really good.and in the country where i live in KOSOVA he's really known as the best.wherever i go i listen to his music.and in the concert he went.thiss december 17 huahaauah RIGHT FOR MY B-DAY.ahahah it was really great listen to him live.such a great power and his voice NO DISSCUS.also LOYD BANKS all G-UNIT hahaha great,great,great.i hope you will read this one day 50.i would be really glad.

hustler | Reviewer: Totrry Jackson | 3/20/08

yo 50 u the hottest rapper out right now.People be hattin on you hard as hell cause u getting money my nigga, keep doing what u do. The reason i'm a fan of yours is because u know how to hustle hard and on top of that u make good music. Tell the whole g-unit Torry said what's good.When u get this message could u send me a message back so i can know that u recieved mine? hit me up to 50 so i can freestyle for u. When u hear me rap u might want to sign me. 612-408-8742.

i am a cameroonian | Reviewer: tabah william | 3/11/08

50 cent i love your music so much so that i am already addicted to it. who said you are ugly tell me or just write the person name/ i enjoy you when you said people don't like me but my mother like and love me