lord feel our pain | Reviewer: touch by an angel | 1/17/13

Hi Mr.Jackson I saw u on Katie show but I've been a fan since the beginning iwant to share w u I lost my father who was shot to death in my bedroom at the age of 12 he was my bestfriend miss him deeply.I'm 39 year age now and I'm just stastarthearpy its scary but at the same time I'm getting clous

Nice one Bro | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/12

I literally just saw Get Rich or Die Tryin' in an attempt to watch all the movies that I own that I haven't seen before. I fell in love with your life. God Bless u bro. I'm making a heroes powerpoint now and ur on it.

Lilian ebele okosi | Reviewer: Lilian ebele okosi | 8/22/12

Hi curtis the day i saw your movie get rich or die trying i cried all through the day thinking about what you had been through in life. My prayer for you and your family is that God will wipe all your pains away and bless you. May your mama soul rest in peace amen. God bless you. Lily.

My luv 4 50cent nd d gr8t 2pac | Reviewer: Young pac | 6/23/12

Hi 5cent is my gr8t plsure sayin dis 2 u i luv ur lyric cuz any time i lstin 2 ur songs it mike me rmber d gr8t [LEGENT 2PAC] ur songs always inspiar me, i am up comein rapper nd wish like 1 day, but u hv said it all dat is gud 2 {GET RICH OR DEI WHN TRY}. I luv u, u ar an hero.

50 my fthr. | Reviewer: Norman50 | 6/8/12

Snc i wz 9 yrz old i liked u 50.nw am 20yrz n nobdy can tk wat i hv 4 ya.some timez at skul they say fuck 50.i just tell a nigga,if yu have nthng to say "shut th fuck up coz i'll take yo fucken head of".i lv u fiddy gangsta.

Mi LOVE YA, 50 | Reviewer: John Ndungu | 4/17/12

My name is John or Brazillian Cafu.I have already read your touching story.50,you, from the past, have always been my desire to hear your voice from your touching songs mostly the one you did a collabo with Windel and Yasin,have touched me more.Anyway,about your story,am really sorry about that.Although its an experience that one has to pass through,yours has been harsh...more harsher to say.Do you know how much you have inspired me?50,i just love ya.You are ma HERO 50.I LOVE YOUU...God Bless Ya,50

how did you make your songs | Reviewer: jasmeenlindsey | 4/14/12

dear 50 cent

i know you are business with all your music and that but i want to know how do you write the songs because i am having trouble writing my own lyrics can you please read this and please reply because you are my role model and you are nthe only one that can write lyrics that every one likes and it is my first time to how old were you when you first wrote lyrics for a song?

gratitude | Reviewer: nandealz@yahoo.com | 3/3/12

50 I like 2 thank god 4 your existence, your the second person that made me mentally strong the first was pac,some people listen 2music & get gased up all of a sudden they build a image & think they are what they ain't I live in da b.x but I don't think like da rest dem, I hear ppl say u a bully but i say da world is a bully if u read dis remember cause of u im focused, 1.

Want to get to Heaven | Reviewer: John | 11/18/11

I heard you say that you want to get to heaven cause you've been thru hell. I want you to go to heaven, but you can try as hard as you like and all the good in the world, all the pain, won't earn you a place. You've got to die to yourself and accept that Jesus paid your debts of sin to God when He died in your place. He did it all. You wnat heaven? Call out to Jesus, and follow him to the death. Nothin else but what he already done.

ME AND 50 CENT | Reviewer: D.MARSHALL | 11/19/11

50, I Was wndering if you have time to read this msg not mine alone but from other fans......all im asking is that you have little time for your fans and make us feel you the more, i am into music and im sure someday you will be proud of your product "ME"

50,my living PAC | Reviewer: spell | 11/13/11

hi fity. .u a ril hero,4me homie,homie cus evry black man is my homie,u stage g'up lyk a ril gangsta u r. .u my livin amaru,i luvd hm.i wona rap wt u when i get 2d top. .u my role model,ur bizness ideas mke me crazy. .u good,takia

true aka Lv | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/11

50 y my insperation the only rill nigga left in this rap shit and industry wat it do im from st Louise y need soe stumping ground out hurr and y nigga i got soldiers to so try to keep shit poppin from every state the worl is G unit and damm i dont be on computers but hit me up at 314 5569036 and tell banks i sead good shit he been holding shit down with his latest album i am 18 teen i been rapping gangsta shit since nolimit but if i had any body sighn me i gotta be G unit ima Gorilla pimp on them Hoes I tell Them Bitch Get in

true aka Lv | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/11

50 y my insperation the only rill nigga left in this rap shit and industry wat it do im from st Louise y need soe stumping ground out hurr and y nigga i got soldiers to so try to keep shit poppin from every state the worl is G unit

MY HERO | Reviewer: Tolbert O | 10/30/11

Hey 50 Cent, my name is Tolbert O. Am also a born of late 70's. I Sat down one day and just listen to the lyric and meaning of your words in music, it en-lighted the whole truth of what i was looking for.'get rich or die trying.' you are my hero. i came from a war torn region of northern Uganda. Dad died when i was 16, and living with step mother. life became hard, sometimes we go without food. 'born a man and die a man.' was the formula i initiated in my mind. no schools no nothing. started cracking life to be were i am now. And i believe in your music if not, the rich become richer and the poor one die a common man. that's why my first born baby bare your names. . . as my love for you continues.

Your biggest fan | Reviewer: Georgina | 7/8/11

I know you hear a lot of people say, im your biggest fan. But I am not kidding. I am your hugest fan! i sent you a wall post on facebook, and I cant stop thinkiing and litsening to your music. My parents think its shit. but they have no idea who you are. you have out done rap. your the best of the best and keep the songs coming. My brother who is 26 has been in jail for stabbing and I really just want some advice to process. I know you can help because you have been through worse. My brother just got home to live with us and I would really appreciate it if you would reply to my review! LOVE YOUR MUSIC. love you 50 cent- stay real