Eyes Opened Wide | Reviewer: Mrs. Bons | 10/1/10

I watched your movie for the first time late nite last month, and it was an "eye opener" for me. Actually, I didn't recognize anyone in the movie, but it truly stirred something in me to see your determination. I had to search the internet when I realized that the movie was the autobiography of you, 50 cent. "Get rich or dye trying." Embarassed to say that the movie is "old." I am still moved by your situation and your tenacity. I hope that God will continue to bless your and your family. Bonnie
My email address is hiriabo@tulsaschools.org

Learn to love him ... | Reviewer: El | 9/17/10

You be on net critisicin' him. Your favourite toys you call rappers dissin' him. lil pain, jadaass, ja rule, rick ross, fat joe, who the f*ck are they anyway! You all jealous stupid motherf*ckers, wangstas! Let 'em dream on but nobody will ever touch the line he touched. You gotta diss motherf*cker diss, and the man watching the money pile up. Hell no, he is even givin' 'em advices, doesn't that show some people anythin', well, the haters you fools then.

keep flowin son!.... | Reviewer: ceejay | 9/14/10

wats crackin 50?
my name is ceejay dupre from detroit michigan im 18 years of age andi just wanted to let u kno dnt let these fuckin haters get to u my nigguh you are one of the best rappers out there to me u inspire me to persue my singing again....may be one day ill get my chance too...
but lookin forward to ya next album son

hey fif | Reviewer: prabin | 9/13/10

hey fif , i like u very much ur songs are so powerful no one in this fucking world could challenge u. your love songs as well as your gangsta rap are too good . i like your way of sayings. anyway i also love you film get rich or die tryin. it"s too powerful good luck. fuck joe, jada, ja rule specially that dice game (the game) .

Stop hatin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/10

it's funny when niggas talk about how fake 50 cent is but the truth is that niggas just don't like him cause he make more money than their favorite rappers. lol. stop hatin on 50, it don't benefit yall in any ways it just make yall appeared as jealous haters.

Funny | Reviewer: AHA | 8/29/10

50 ain't nothin but a fake ass Pop musician, its a shame to call this Chumpface "rapper", he's on the same level like Britney spears, Pop musician nothin more nothin less, Real Rappers are Spice One, Eazy-E, The-Stomper, Mr Criminal, and many more that way

hello 50 cent | Reviewer: Victoria Vallellanes | 8/25/10

heyy 50 cent... im a real big fan! i really appericaite you singin i think r better than any 1 else! im sry about ur life and how bad it was but now ur a rapper and every thing is good! i hope 1 day i can meet u in person!keep on composing music!! :) -Victoria
PS. ur #1!!! :)

50 u r real man and handosome rapper | Reviewer: kanisha | 8/3/10

hi 50, hw are you?i m from malaysia and 17 years old and never forget to listen to your songs man.your songs are really amazing and your eight packs.even though i m in malaysia,i love your songs very much.bcoz i love africans.your musics suits my soul,just to show appreciaton. you can send me your phone number and email.you are better than others.KEEP BEING HOT AND RAPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

50 cent is a real man. | Reviewer: kanisha | 8/2/10

hi 50 how are you? i like two listen to your songs mostly.i love your songs as your fan.your voice is unique and better than you imagine.i hope you will make more albums in future.ok bye 50 cent times up.bye take care.

what a fuck | Reviewer: mustapha | 6/21/10

Come on this man have come far, who the hell is lil wayne and Jay-z, i don,t think they have been pierced with a needle bafore talkless of gunshots, but they still tripping, they should go fuck their mama cos 50 will leave till God says its time for him to rest and if they can,t live with that i challenge them to a rap battle here in Ghana cos 50 will choke if they try to battle him , but i know i can whoop their asses with my few rhymes. long live 50

The Real 50 cent? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/10

Coupla fun fiddy facts for all a yous out there:
50 doesnt smoke weed or drink, often filling an empty hennesssy bottle with Ice tea for shows. 50 has admitted that his target audience is "suburban white kids"
50 never did time. Charged with a small drug offence, he served his 8 months in BOOT CAMP (lot less chance a gettin shanked, fo sho;-)
50 named himself after a real brooklyn thug who used to rob rappers, Kelvin Martin. fiddy was shot 3 times. 50's a snitch and likes restraining orders:-). I could go on and on.

bottom line: fiddy cent is as real as all those fake "beefs" that are created by universal.

2 little quotes to finish it off. Kenneth "supreme" mcgriff about 50 cent(now serving a life sentence):

"That cracker is pimping him. He aint nothing but a motherf**king house nig*er who set everything, set us back 150 years. Next thing he gonna be doin is macaroni and cheese commercials"

and 50 cent himself: "50 Cent is a person I created. Soon it will be time to destroy him and become somebody else."

50;s the real men | Reviewer: udie george | 4/21/10

50 your the real man,you the fanal big boy in new york city i just want u to keep game tight and don give a demm about nigga befing u around nigga lik ricky,ja,rule,little wayne and i also want to G-unit tight.MR,CUTIS longing to general 50 stay real and be bless.George frm nigeria.

50 Cent is the realist | Reviewer: Josh Loiselle | 4/19/10

50 is hands down the shit. Mad people i know think 50 is wack, i think they're fuckin nuts. 50's music is something i can relate to. i haven't gone through half the shit 50 has been through, but when I think of my problems, i put on a 50 Cent song. because 50's shit is real. i respect him because he says it like it is. dont ever change 50, keep it real.

50 cent is the man!!! | Reviewer: Icon | 4/19/10

My nigga 50, i cant love u enough. The day i'l meet you'l be my greatest day. Ur music has reshape my life, ur hustling spirit is where i derive mine, ur book, the 50th law is my daily tonic...cant realy do much witout it cuz each time i read it's as if we're having a live chat. My nigga 50, keep pulling the stunt & popping da thang. Fuck fat joe, ja rule, game ova, ricky, smal wayne & al those bitch ass niggas who dnt recognize as d biggest boss. Love u man! 4rm ur nigga in naija.

message to the nigga! | Reviewer: THE BIG LU | 4/8/10

your what's up 5th,it's the big lu up in this,i'm just another of your big fans that always say they love and always represent you and all tha shit,oh and tell yayo i said happy belated bday nigga,and me and you 5th we will celebrate in july, so se me when you see me nigga......one!