the coolest man | Reviewer: Adel | 11/6/07

the coolest man in the world 50cent i love him from all may heart and i wish to see him,coz im from lebanon............

yeah | Reviewer: Johannes | 11/4/07

when i first saw 50 i thought he is like the most other rappers but after the movie get rich or die tryin' i became a big fan of him and his music!!! he had to fight in his life and he went through many sad things but he made it!!! also in Germany many people listen to his music!! 50 YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

tha shit | Reviewer: amaar | 10/18/07

yeah yeah it me amaar.d 50 is of the chain all ya dudes out there think hes wack u giz are crazy 50 has made it throught life with out anyone 2 look up 2 he is the one man curtis album of the chain get rich or die trying off the chain no mercy off the chain game has nothing on 50 becz he a wigga 50 it thebest and will alwayz be the best made love 2 him

gggggggggggggggggggggggggg-unit is the bomb

respect | Reviewer: poshbird | 10/17/07

people are always wrong about 5o cent people thinks that he dunt deserev to be famouse or have a life, but i think all that he has been thru he shud get respect thats what i give him coz not a lot of people have been through what he has. love ya 50cent xxxxxxxx

fight for what u want in life | Reviewer: kacyan loraine | 10/16/07

he was a passionate person who fight for what he wants,he is a nice person who i will look up to because what he have gone through as a child grown up,i understand how it feels like to lost a mother at and early age and have to live with other family members and whats it feels like to have nothin.i think he inspires me and his songs are real.

good example | Reviewer: awilo | 10/14/07

i didn't know much about rap music,and i used to hate it, but when first listen to 50 cent man who struggle to get his own life.i really love you homie, people should take as an example in how to get rich.

its 4 a change | Reviewer: ishmael | 10/13/07

i can't say dat 50 is good or bad but wat i wished him to do was 4 the nigga to go to church & leave rapping and carrying guns in the hood like wat he says in his songz coz it'z going to get him killed i'm your best fan & wish u all the best but god is the answer

1 is the god that i believe: 50 CENT | Reviewer: Taison | 10/13/07


curtis rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/07

ive never been a fan of 50 but the new has made me one. its one of the most creative rap albums ive ever heard. forget about kanye west 50 is the real deal and he will win a grammy this year.

Curtis | Reviewer: Dayton | 10/2/07

This is where he went wrong, Curtis. Get Rich or Die Tryin' & The Massacre were the shit.

Curtis. . . Only thing I have to say about this CD is he should've done some real music instead of braging about what he's done. We want real music not Laughing Straight to the Bank. 50 let Em and Dre help you out again.

50 Cent | Reviewer: Tasia | 10/4/07

hi 50 cent my name is Tasia im 10 years old and i love you my fave songs are Candyshop in da club and u and Justin Timberlake Ayo Technology its great i love R and B your amazing surviving being shot 10 times your great

hey | Reviewer: padma d trogawa | 9/27/07

Everyone always like ta say dat 50 is a weak rapper and dat he is fake. Well I think dat he go hard. He been alot of shit in his life. And im happy ta see dat someone like him made it.

that's good | Reviewer: chicago bulls | 9/26/07

You know every fan of 50 cent good songs because of Dr.Dre and Eminem-he has good teachers and he is a good student-if you can understand me.Otherwise I don't know many things about his life.

my nigga | Reviewer: deamos Taylor | 9/26/07

mann real talk that nigga 50 is one of the best rappers in the game the game is to stupid for gettin on his bad side that nigga could have been a rich nigga and his shoes probably would have sold more mann the whole g-unt is the best

the sweet rapper | Reviewer: lil starr | 9/21/07

I think that 50 sweet as hell he came out with sweet ass banger for the club and 4 the streets. all i got to say is 50 keep doing your thang. g-unit all day