God Help ME!! | Reviewer: disgusted | 11/20/2007

sorry, but ALL of his songs are CRAP!!! 50 cent is a sick man who needs to learn how to respect women.. learn something from your mama man..

great song | Reviewer: A7Xx | 11/17/2007

i know the lyrics are kinda crappy but once u listen to the song, your gona get hooked i mean this song has a freakin great beat to it and makes me wana listen to it all the time. credits to eminem for featurin in this song and makin it more wonderful..i love it

what a load of rubbish | Reviewer: Its Pittam | 9/11/2007

the words to this song are nothing like what is written here, not sure why the person thought they could pass of there lyrics as 50's and eminem's, your lryics are crap! whats the point of even writing them!?!?!?!?!?!?