fifty is and wil always be my favrite | Reviewer: monelisi jim mchinya | 1/9/13

most those who know me thinks that i don't wana admit that 50 aint got it anymore, wel i don't give a...but don't talk about 50 if u don't know rap/hip-hop. Read between the line's,i'ma be a gorilla unit evin for more years then i lived after i die

i gat so much luv for this nigga | Reviewer: Uche Moet | 8/23/11

50 cent i want you to know this, dont mind what people say about you, just focus on your self because as for me i believe on you men, you're a strong guy, as for me i love everything about you men, when i see you i feel happy i dont know why, but i so much like your style.