KarlRyanFrancis_19@hotmail.com | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/07

hahahah shiiit fiftys the shit.. but you anonymous.. you need to shut the fuck up with that fuckin bullshit you cant rap for shit makin your self look like a fuckin fool!

the shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/04

this is my favorite song man the first time i heard this shit man i was motivated to start back doing my thing.50 man these nigga aint got shit on you you gonna be a mother fucking legends.you went from the worst hood to a motherfucking well known rapper.look man fifty man you need to stop playing games but before i start flowing ima tell you my nameits melvin i send out bullets niggas heads start swellingthese hoes listen to my flow and they be like hes cold you aint hear a better rap from a sixteen year old i get hoes sprung and i swear they stay on my dick and i give niggas colds like winter cause my lyrics is sick and these niggas sick think they could run against my crew im dirty if momma get in the way she getting spray to.