Big Fan Of 50 | Reviewer: Will Nap | 10/31/2007

Man this video is the shit man n I really liked it. Can't nobody do like you do it when u been doin it.The first time I herd this shit I was like man I really feelin this song, I mean it's the shit.Ya'll should be listen to this at least

50 dah boss | Reviewer: rushshady | 10/26/2007

hey 50's shit is the bloodclaut best which pussyhole wah diss is a rassclaut fassy.Kanye go buy im own fuckery n seh him outsell 50 u mussy mad a bloodclot

Grand Finally | Reviewer: $D-money$ | 9/21/2007

50 Cent has been my favorite rapper since Rowdy Rowdy and(IGetMoney)aint nothing but another master piece by the master him self Curtis"50 Cent"Jackson, G G G G G G G G-Unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fuc-a-hater | Reviewer: C-DRAMA | 9/13/2007

every mutha fucka dat say they hate 50 suck a dic. ya'll niggaz dnt rep. our hood u dnt noe wut we live thru if we live nigga! This $hit ya'll commercialize, niggaz die N the street ova so...fuc a hatin ass bitch, go geta freak nigga get ya dic sucked & stay off my dude! 1 luv Boo

Killside 165

Who's the realest | Reviewer: Jordan | 9/11/2007

50 cent is hardest & illest nigga/rapper in the game and if you dont think the same you can ''hate it like it or love it or blow it out your ass''

this s**t hot | Reviewer: Ellis Stephens | 8/12/2007

i was always a big fifty fan fo get wat otha ppl was talkin bout i always liked his music and im shocked from dis joint cuz i aint neva thought he wuld come out wit somethin like dis like a dancin kinda bouncin song

big 50 ' fan | Reviewer: HeinzKetchup | 8/7/2007

damn all four singles too curtis is some
hot shit if curtis is a hot album
that means Before i self Destruct is
even hotter im a big 50 fan aka... HeinzKetchup...