Baby Juice Music/Rockin' Hip-Hop Music | Reviewer: Aaron Hampton | 7/21/09

"Gatman and Robbin" was craziest song I ever heard in my life. That was sound I was looking for. That was one of my favorite songs. I listen to it every day. 50 and Em y'all keep up with the greatest beats. PEACE!!!! & BE EASY

eminem freak | Reviewer: eminem freak | 12/22/07

that song is freakin awesome eminem is a genuis and 50 is ok the only thing i dont like is that when u listen to the song u can barley understand what they r sayin

7th line in EMs verse | Reviewer: Ahmed Saeed | 5/16/07

Retaliation it'll be like them Muslim Shiite (ATTACKS), its not 'shiite' its supposed to be 'sheea'... its another division of islam.. like christians hav protastins and catholics we hav sheea and sunni, ima muslim so i know, its not shiite its sheea