Lets talk bout these haters | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/13

That Curtis joint was better than kanye album Motherfuckers just started hatin on fifty and they still are Thats y alot of peopke bout his album so he can beat fifty in,sales Kanye joint was ok but it wont that good

Is it 4 Real? | Reviewer: Ice Berg Slim | 10/24/07

I dont think that 50 outdid himself on this album considering the previous 2 albums his released.his standards are surely dropping and i dont wanna sound like a hater but it is nt up scratch.i havent listened to kanye's album bt im sure jesus the 2nd has surely ripped him and no wonder fif retracted his statement saying he'll quit if quit kanye beat him,however notable tracks on his album are follow my lead,man down,i'll still kill and cum and go with the exception of the singles.peace