Ouch | Reviewer: Anon | 11/25/2007

Great song, but Rexboys' review made me clutch my head in pain - reading that thing killed off billions of brain cells...

You dont know what your talkin bout | Reviewer: Lil D | 11/20/2007

Whoever Yolando Rico is, you dont know what the hell your talking about because it dosnt go "she wants it, she wants it, she wants sex, im gonna give it to her." is says "(Oooh!!!) She wants it, uh, uh, she wants it (Oooh!!!) She wants it, so I gotta give it to her" so i dont know what this Yolando Rico is on but you obviously havent listened to the song before you wrote the review TITLED 'she wants sex'. Looooooooooooooser.

tempting tasha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/2007

i think your music is brilliant and wish you the best of luck i wish you would do a concert near to portsmouth im your biggest fan i love u!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2 Corrections... | Reviewer: Janene | 11/8/2007

All into my set sheets - IT SHOULD BE "ALL INTO MY SATIN SHEETS"

What should I do, one thing on all fours - IT SHOULD BE "WATCHIN HER DO HER THING ON ALL FOURS".

"she wants sex" | Reviewer: Yolanda Rico | 11/1/2007

In all the lyrics that I found about this song you write "She wants it, she wants it, she wants it I got to give it to her" But when you listen the song he say: "She wants it, she wants it, she wants sex, I'm gonna give it to her"

Suck ma dig ya all dat hate 50can't | Reviewer: Rexboy | 9/8/2007

Any nigga dat hate 50 is a dead fella,you better join our queue behind 50 or you follow gay z you suckers.50 is the best money can buy 4 now so bend down low whenever you see him or we take ur life off diz world.i hail ma nigga the king of QB N AS.