Handayana 13 Nov 2013. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/13

It was long years ago I love this song even though I can not sing this song very well. I'm 58 year but I also do not quite understand the despair that is contained in the lyrics of this song. The world is very beautiful and very promising for those who want to try and hard work with the future looking bright.

Wicked | Reviewer: London | 9/8/13

This song made my hair stand on edge the first time I heard it on t.v. that was many years ago. It is not a song whose meaning diminishes with time sadly it becomes more relevant every day! maximum respect to the writer (s) and to 4 non blondes. Respect.

This tune rocks my world in the moment. | Reviewer: CJ | 7/8/13

I'm a 53 year old dude that is still young at heart mind and body, or at least try. I hear this song working away outdoors and just runs chills through my bones, at least until the novelty wears off. My thumbs up to this tune. It actually has a story to tell.

old songs | Reviewer: granny smith of nc | 5/5/13

lots of good old songs to make you feel better. also try Hey, soul sister by Train. then there is a different version of "Somewhere over the rainbow" by a deceased Hawaiian guy and his uke. Sounds really pretty, more quicker tune than Judy Garland's.I like Jackson Brown, Aerosmith,Dire Straits, Purple Floyd too. I'm 78 in a few weeks but still like to pep up alittle to a song.

He-Man | Reviewer: Jack | 4/15/13

He-Man made this song popular. Well, He-Man and Youtube. I now have this song playing over...and over....and over in my head. I have been singing it all day to the point I have a headache.

Frickin Rocks | Reviewer: DMan | 1/4/13

This Song Rocks with a lot of feeling, meaning, and soul, which a lot of you hollowed out pointless butt-heads don't seem to have, everyone can use this song as an UP LIFT to a bad situation whatever it is and to ask themselves "hey whats going on".... and try to move on and those of us who get already have it and those of you who don't will never have it and thats just the it is BOYS AND GIRLS

R U KIDDING ME? | Reviewer: Penny | 1/2/13

This song blows a goat & I think all of you know it! Every time it comes on the radio I can't get to the off button fast enough.
I would like to buy the rights to it then burn it & send it to hell where it belongs.

school memory | Reviewer: Brenda Carrasco | 9/20/12

On 1994 our English teacher give us this song to translate it from English to Spanish... back then it did not make any sense ('cause I was only 14), now at 33 this song still fitting in our present days. More likely because our "turbulance world" is not getting any better.

Stop talking bout the govt >:( | Reviewer: Jax | 8/15/12

Everyone stop talking about the govt! This soy is much more than that, and Obama has done a lot in the world, and the only reason why he can't do much is because of damn congress!! If there is someone to blame, then blame the republicans in congress! They are the ones hindering Obamas policies and programs etc. and remember Rome wasn't built in a day :P even Obama himself it might take 2-3+ presidents to get our country back to what it once was! And don't say Romney is better because all he has done so far Is bash his opponents and that's not good politics that's a retard who has nothing good to say or do. He will only destroy this country just as the bushes have with their greed and avarice. Obama has been a huge inspiration to many and has brought hope with him that the world can change. It's just one small step for man a giant leap for mankind. Look back to the past for a brighter future.

Now that I just did what I told everyone else to stop

This song at first was just a silly joke amongst a couple of friends and I until life started to fall out of place the last few days of school... They told me I wasn't going to graduate. My Parents started to lose all faith in me and everyday I was berated and kept being told I was stupid, or that I would fail my whole families name by being the first to not graduate. The girl I liked turned me down and said we were just friends, and started dating a guy she barely knew.. Then my grandmother who is insane decided to visit us and live with us, and all she did was try to break my Parents marriage... Life just started to barrel downwards... Then one of my friends asked me what's going on and used the lyrics of the song to get me out of the haze... He didn't sing it but spoke it, and that was the end of that. I graduated, still no gf (working on it), and my grandma is back at her home many miles away... This song is much more than politics it's healing

Obama? Really? | Reviewer: Me | 6/14/12

It's so weird that everyone is talking about how deep and meaningful this song is and how much it's meant to them during the dark times of their life...
And all I can think about is He-Man.

SO ABOUT MY LIFE... | Reviewer: Kiana | 5/4/12

I've survived 45+ years of multiple abuses, institutions and foster hmes; I start to cry when I hear this, one of my fave songs, cuz it reminds me that I'm not alone in my life with all of the "whys" I ask myself so often...

Repulican Party Montra | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/12

This needs to be the montra for the republican party. The thieves have moved to washington and don't only want control of our lives but every dollar we spend. Those that submit to the government will be dependent on it the rest of their lives those that have self respect and personal pride in not taking will almost die, weak and thirsty before finally submitting to our saviour NO not God but the government.

And I pray, oh my God, do I pray
I pray every single day FOR A REVOLUTION!

You bet your sweet tushy I do...

Overbearing and assebmling an army of the submissive class to exterminate those that don't conform.

We have one last chance...

We are safer when we are in the knowing that we are not protected and vulnerable. True Americans are tough, proud, independant and simpathetic to the human condition.

Wise up America and get your !ss to church, be proud and self reliant.

Till then this song represents my feelings about not only our government but about all of us in this once great U.S.A We can be that again.

great song | Reviewer: tom | 2/3/12

amazing...driving home thinking about my best friend who has just suffered a severe massive stroke two weeks after beginning Chemo for Lung-cancer...and i was lamenting his days...and this song comes on...and to read what many others wrote amazed me. I came in the door and asked my wife, humming and saying 'what's going on' and asked do you know this song...she says no...so i googled it...I am so excited that it touched others in a similar way...a qwerky song...but it resonatess doesn't it

I love this s0ng old s0ngs are co0l... | Reviewer: Jezreil Rojo | 12/17/11

I love this s0ng ever since i first hear it i w0nder whats the tittle so i search in google and download it so i can listen to it everyday i love the message and it inspires me to do m0re so my lyf will n0t be wasted c0z tym is preci0us i love this s0ng to0 much i love u 4 n0n blonds and the comp0ser linda...

Good Music | Reviewer: FreindlyCow | 7/17/11

Normally i listen to Psytrance/Electro/Industrial, few of the songs in other genre its one of the songs i like the most, this type of music i used to hear on TV when MTV came first to our country, in 1992