Alaskan accents lol | Reviewer: Robert | 12/29/13

Brock the singer of this band is from Alaska as well as the rest of the band!! They started off up there and now reside there and play shows on the reg! Met Brock good guy like said before its not an accent he just likes to sing like a frozen sheep lol

amazing | Reviewer: niallos | 1/19/08

as a massive fan (still to get to a gig :$ ) this is one of my favourite songs ever...the lyrics are amazing and he shows his full range of vocals from screaming to singing...only aurora, slit wrist theory and the city below beat this song...and its a narrrow victory!!!

to Dodger | Reviewer: Addicted | 8/26/07

to Dodger:

it's not his accent, he just sings like this, i've met him at a gig he did a few months back, he has a normal voice both on and off stage :)

Good Song | Reviewer: ESPViper | 6/13/07

starts off soft but kicks into the hard stuff. such an awesome song, awesome to play on guitar too

Kickass! | Reviewer: Dodger | 5/29/07

Well worth getting....

Didn't understand the lyrics to begin with... guys got a weird accent. However, Brillant!