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Performed by 30 Seconds to Mars

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was it a dream | Reviewer: strangerinastrangeland | 11/8/13

I think this song is about a relationship with your higher self, if you know what i mean. the lyrics are very deep. it touches me everytime i hear it. but the combination of the guitar, the soft sound of the drums and the feelings in jareds voice makes it perfect.

will always be one of my favorites!

provehito in altum my friends, my family!

in my remaine | Reviewer: kayhaan | 5/24/13

This song is one of the best songs that I heared.for me :it's a reflect of my memories. and it's a good answer for that part of my mind that only can think about my can makes me calm.

despite the guys | Reviewer: razlan | 7/14/12

what can i say , this band absolutely great. i mean they had a beautiful instrumnt in music . even in this fucking cntury almost of the people talked about justin bieber. selena gomez. and mny of them that brought pop music. i think 30 secnd to mars was a great bnd. cheers guys.

Was it a dream | Reviewer: A | 11/20/11

I didn't hear the last part of the song, it's so soft couldn't hear anything, when he said, 'in love'.

When I first hear the song, thought it's an old song. Reminds me of songs from the 90s going over the 2000s, yeah somewhere there, but, it's a nice song. I like listening to it though it's a sad song to listen to. Don't know why when I listen to it, I feel like Jared has just broken up with me or something, then he's missing me all at the same time. Lol.

This might sound extremely cheesy, but I personally think that the song has so much soul in it, as if he really was really in such desolation and despair, which makes other people feel what he felt. It's amazing what hes capable of.

awesome band, but with some improvemtns... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/08

this band is great. there singles are amazing, all of them, they need more songs like them, these songs that are slower i very good too, and i like the fantasy, but i just like there more upbeat songs better. though this one is very good too.

30STM | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/08

I listen to lots of music. slipknot thru to classical. lots of talent about. i think that these guys, there musical approach, song writing are a breath of fresh air. absolutely brillian. well done lads

Oh god jared is SUPER HOT 01/07/08 | Reviewer: jenniferdeleto | 1/7/08

I love the kill,from yesterday,was it a dream well I love all the songs of thirty seconds to mars but MORE I love Jared Leto becouse he is so cute and he have the more beautiful eyes I ever seen in my live,any way HE IS MY UNIC LOVE IN MY LIVE. I LOVE YOU JARED LETO.

The Sweetest song EVER | Reviewer: Pau_chii | 11/25/07

I love this song.... but It's better in live acoustic version!
I hear it again and again... Never get tired of hearing it! :)

Echelon | Reviewer: Bree | 10/25/07

i love this song, its my favourite songs from 30 =]went to their concert in melbourne Australia they were amazing love them to death

provehito in altum!

Yaldy. | Reviewer: Jensen... x | 7/11/07

This song is better than cookie dough is cream.
infact thats lies.

But its a really good song.
30 seconds to mars are pretty fucking beast.

add me on myspace.

OMG | Reviewer: Lex | 7/8/07

i love this song i love it even more in acoustic it makes jareds voice sound so beautiful it's such a sad song as well i'm diggin all their music and lovin it i have the 30 seconds to mars logos tattoo'd up my arm i love them that much and mi hair is almost exactly the same as jareds lol lovin the music

PROVEHITO IN ALTUM!! [if ur a true fan u will know wat it means]


ohhh | Reviewer: megi | 6/28/07

god, i love jared leto ! he`s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! i`ve got his pic in front of my eyes all the time no matter what i do.
he`s voice makes me shiver!
i love him, his music and his movies!
that song is gorgeous. so sad!!! i love it. i`m listetning to it right now!

AweSomeSong | Reviewer: Silent_ScReameR | 4/17/07

aaaAwesome Song!!! lyRicS had a deep meaning!!!and the music is awesome!!!

and not just this, i kind of digged every song in that album!!!

keep it ReaL!

Wow! | Reviewer: yari | 4/3/07

i love the lyrics of this song..this band is just awesome..that's kind of all i have to say ^_^

:-) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/07

other than from yesterday and the story and the kill.... and all of them... awesome song!! omg, im listening to the cd "A beautiful lie" right now in my computer... they have 2 "hidden tracks". You cant find them anywhere and i cant get the lyrics anywhere... how cool is that... Another awesome band... AFI... might wanna check them out!!

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