30STM forever my favorite | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/12

I love 30stm, I don't know where i've been these last 40 years but here I am loving everything these great guys put out. I cannot wait any longer for their newest album. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE make another one soon?!!! Whenever I want to get my spirits up or just want to feel alive I listen to either Abeautiful lie or This is war. I cannot say enough how awesome these guys are. For now I guess I'll have to suffer and just ware out my only two cd's, hoping the next album comes out.

Helpful | Reviewer: Unlimited Nerd | 11/13/11

My cousin introduced me to 30 STM a little while ago and I have not really kept of with there new songs. When kings and queens came out I downloaded it from iTunes and was listening to it all the time. Some how my grandma heard it and really liked it so I put the song on a cd for her, she listened to it constantly and it became her favorite song. Soon after she was diagnose with a brain tumor and was given weeks to live. When we got her home from the doctors she walked over to her cd player and played the song kings and queens one last time. When it ended she put the cd back into it's little case gave to my 12 year old cousin and said "ok im ready". She passed away not long after that day. Now everytime I hear that song I think of my grandma an how happy she was. 30 Seconds To Mars thank you for being there for my family.

Farzad (william) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/10

Guys i'm from Iran ! i just wanted to mention that 30stm is one of my best groups.i love both jared leto's band and his awesome movie (requiem for a dream).im tryin to advertise their songs through facebook , yahoo and my web site ! i JUST LUV these Nice boys !

WE ARE FAMILY! | Reviewer: Jacqueline | 12/23/09

30 Seconds To Mars is all about the fans who live this music ... Jared Shannon and Tomo have been kind enough to invite us into their family - the Echelon - every one of us being complete individuals that form a collective Mars army - complete with missions related to everything from a lil public artwork/spray paint promotions - lol - to Habitat for Humanity and environmental causes - we meet in a place called The Hive - join us at www.thirtysecondstomars.com and THIS IS WAR in stores now! you will NOT be disappointed with this album! THANK YOU 30 STM!

hi | Reviewer: dana hassan | 7/12/09

hi am dana i love this song and i love all 30 seconds to mars you are my favorite i love you all and i wish see you one day bye plz if you can chat me on my e_mail:only__dana@hotmail.com love you all

hemir | Reviewer: hector hemir | 7/5/09

okokokokok 30 seconds to mars is incredible
amazing songs videos is super coool the band guitars is cool band i am fan 30 seconds to mars my song favorite is from yerterday and ii attack the kill men is amazing song

hb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/09

i love 30stm they are awsome i was looking for @ our library and i saw their first cd and i just picked it up and checked it out and i loved it instantly...i just got beautiful lie last september and it has never leaved my cd player since jared sings from his heart its not fake like Miley Cyrus or any of them its real i wish they would make an other cd more ppl need to listen to them....

PR | Reviewer: Trinity | 5/17/09

I love 30 STM music, but it seems like they need a PR group to help promote them. Most of my friends and family listen to 30 STM and enjoy it, but they don't even know it's 30 STM. Since I'm the music guru of the family and most of my friends, I get calls all the time from people asking what band plays this or that song and I usually can figure it out, but I'm surprised by how many people don't know about 30 STM and I think it's because they aren't getting enough PR. Their music ROCKS and I feel that if they were getting the publicity they would be on the radio and tv and people would be much more familiar with them. Plus, it would promote them doing more concerts. BTW you can request them in concert in your home town by going to:

lol | Reviewer: Mac | 5/8/09

ok I love all types of rock and no offense but OVERALL linkin park is my fav but The kill is my fav song,I love 30 stm and all other rock( Linkin par,30 stm, my chemical romance, Metallica, and nickelback etc,) but if it wasnt for my friend introducing me into screamo then i would not no this band

Amazing | Reviewer: susan | 4/3/09

I heard "The Kill" for the first time on the radio last week. I didn't know the band so i googled some lyrics. Ran right out & bought the cd. It hasn't left my cd player since. They are amazing. I wish they were touring.

YEAH! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/09

Love 30 seconds to mars, holy shit they are fuckin amazing, even my mum likes them, ha
she saw the kill, when the two jareds cross paths she thought that, the tux version was Jack nicolson, and he was werein a hat. 30 Seconds to mars is the BEST fuckin band! nuff said

a new fan and forever more | Reviewer: autumn renee | 3/4/09

Ive always had a portion of "The Kill" as a ringtone and never really did research to where it came from. Till my brother called me one day and said jared leto is part of this band. i didnt believe him at first and didnt think anything of it afterward. Now my brother is down again and he placed a cd in the cd changer and behold it was 30 seconds to mars. without my brother telling me about the band and placing that cd in there i would have never found that i actually love this band and the music they write. I find that it has hit me in a moment of my life that i can relate too. Big thanks to my brother that constantly opens the door for music that he insist that i will like specially this band! no matter how long they have been around they still are awesome.

their perfect | Reviewer: saviorgurl | 1/23/09

i luv these guyz!!!!!!!!jared is an amazing singer. hes so multitalented and i think itz great that he doesnt use his fame to promote his band!!!!and u gota giv it to em if it wont for htem redjumpsuit apparatus wouldnt be where they are now!!!

Good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/09

I think this review was pretty good but, I think you should like put more stuff about 30 seconds to mars in their biography. Also you should include wherethey came from and hpw they got discovered!:)

Nil | Reviewer: Nil | 1/3/09

well they tried to make their music in Heavy Alternative [like Tool] and then they made something else, something new. that's how you win!
They are good at what they do however it seems that the band would be better with some replacements.