old man still rocks | Reviewer: michael t | 1/12/07

im 43 and saw 30 sec in chicago atb the congress it kicked my ass. the drummer attacks the kit with passion jareds voice was terrific great show !
i did buy the new album

4 beautiful men that know how to rock a joint | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/06

I have heard live music before And I have never heard as good as i did at the 30 seconds to Mars concert in Charlotte NC.it sounded like I was listening to the CD but with alot of action. I think this the Best band I have ever heard. Jared Shannon Tomo And Matt are all HOT and They can kick some serious ass on stage I love them all and can not wait till they come back to NC

these guys rock | Reviewer: lyndsi | 12/7/06

I love their song the kill i love the video to. Me & my friend lysten to their songs alot durin 7th hr/we have computer class. & u gotta admit Jared is pretty fine

These guys suck................... | Reviewer: none | 10/15/06

I'm sorry, but they do, someone needs a reality check, I've heard these guys sing, and I wanted to puke, sorry...

30 Seconds to Mars is awsome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/06

I just began listening to the band and I'm all ready hooked! They are so awsome and talented. I love the sound of they're music and I hope they continue to be succesful. Oh yeah and they are also extremly hot! They like turn me on in 5 diffrent ways!

Truly remarkable | Reviewer: Marcus T A | 7/18/06

I think that it is really cool that an actor like Jared Leto is capable of being involved in an incredible band with a sound so mindblowing. It is both refreshing and immensly satisfying to know that you don't have to be blonde with huge breasts to cross between the medias of movies and music and incidentally be successful on both ends.

Awesomeful! | Reviewer: Amanda (SoCal Echelon) | 1/13/06

These men are amazing, in every sense. They are truly talented and despite their fame, they are so down to earth, constantly making time to hang with their fans. Ive met Tomo, the guitarist, and Matt before and they were sweet as can be. Truly great guys that make up a truly great band.

SoCal Echelon

JL is so hot! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/05

they are so awesome!! if I had money i would buy A Beautiful Lie, 30 seconds to Mars rock!