I luv dem.................. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/07

30 Seconds 2 mars rock I luv dem guys
It's nice 2 have a change in this sort of music

hmm!!! | Reviewer: anna | 6/10/07

30 seconds to mars an AWESOME band...Everything PERFECTTTT!!!
THE BEST EVER!!!! * * * * * * * * * * It's enough or wan more stars ???

didnt know he was an actor... | Reviewer: desiRee | 6/11/07

i totally didnt know that jared Leto was an actor until i recently watched urban legands... i was like holy crap...there he is!! haha...well i think 30seconds to mars is an awesome and amazing band...they totally rock...i would seriously die if i got my hands on somej concert tickets..!

:D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/07

I think 30 seconds to mars is one of the gratest bands in the hole world.
I'm going to a concert with them soon 8D

Fake | Reviewer: Mish | 5/6/07

Yeah, Jared sounds good recoreded and i don't mind their songs, but i saw these guys live and they were TERRIBLE! Jared cannot sing live to save himself.

And what a wanker too.

How Do These People Do It? | Reviewer: Chuck | 4/28/07

Jared especially has a voice rivalling make that toppling Davey Havoc (AFI). His screeching is beautiful and makes you wonder, "how do these people do it?" D**n I wish I could do that! (of course who doesn't though).

Rockon Rockstars | Reviewer: Lorena | 4/24/07

I bought their album and it was totaly worth it. Its not just Jared that is fine, its also Shannon Matt and Tomo, too. Hey give credit to all of them. These guys can rockon and bring the house down. Love their songs. Can't wait what will they come up next.

30 seconds rule! | Reviewer: JMP | 4/23/07

i love al their songs especially attack its just so good!

L>O>V>E T>H>E>M | Reviewer: Megan | 4/6/07

omg there like omg great. the r so sexy and beautiful. there conserts are so so so so so so awsome.......... Me and my buds r likein L>O>V>E with them............................


ENOUGH! | Reviewer: God | 4/6/07

The whole world knows that 30 Seconds To Mars is an awesome band, anyone with eyes knows that Jared Leto is hot, and nobody needs to know when you listen to them, what concerts you've been too, or about that time when you met them for about 3 seconds at a signing, so you can all stop leaving pointless comments now...Oh, and anyone who doesn't like 30 Seconds To Mars should go crawl under a rock and die.

Huh? | Reviewer: Jessica | 2/16/07

Well I've never heard 30stm before and then when I finally did. It wasn't quite what I expected. Then a day later I found myself humming the chorus. It's good. Real good song: Yesterday.
Then I read the lyrics and it has me saying. "Huh?". It doesn't make sense and the video has NOTHING to do with the lyrics.
At the end Jared Leto will just be a pretty face with a nice voice that has no depth.

mistake | Reviewer: darkgirl! | 2/18/07

hi! i love 30 seconds to mars!-- i'm from venezuela.. well i think there's a mistake with the picture!. that people it's not 30 seconds!-- ------

PD:jared i love you!

OMFG!! | Reviewer: JadedAngel | 2/9/07

Okay, welllllllllllll sir...I only first heard of 30 Seconds To Mars like...2 and a half months ago, maybe? Which is horrid, because they are seriously AMAZING! I love them~~~

they are damn good!!! | Reviewer: sophi | 2/10/07

good music!! especially the kill!!!
i think jared is absolutely hot!! I would give anything to met him!!!..

O.M.G | Reviewer: viviana m | 2/7/07

Omg i love 30 seconds to mars oh my god i love the kill and jared leto he looks fine in the video the kill he looks good in a tux ethere way hes fine ass hell fuck the people that think 30 secnds to mars suck theire just hatin fuck haterz "I LOVE 30 SECONDS TO MARS" AND "I LOVE JARED LETO"