Ignorance is bliss | Reviewer: lakephoenix | 1/1/10

The end is near? Homosexuals dont have their lives in order? you think this is profisized in a 30 seconds to mars song? vigilant Citizen you are an ignorant fuck. I hope you discover how nieve you are before "the end". Eat shit and die...signed everyone.

Wake Up | Reviewer: Vigilant Citizen | 12/20/09

This song is really dark. It has a much deeper sinister meaning. If you look at the top 10 songs at the moment it focuses on the gay moment. Wake up people, the end is near, just like in Sodom and Gomora's time! If you are not a child of GOD (God the father, Son and Holy Spirit) you are a child of a lessor god (Satan). Get your lives in order before it is too late....

awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/09

i've loved jared leto and his band for a very long time. his songs helped me through some tough times in my life. all of their songs are great. jared leto has a very sexy beautiful voice. makes me melt inside everytime i hear his voice.

Ok | Reviewer: Alec | 12/2/09

I really like the message this song gives off, but im not sure i really like the chorus. Its not screaming but its more kind of shouting. The song I reaaaally like on this album is the song This Is War. It sends out a great message and is sung excellently and really an emotional song.

awesome | Reviewer: ShehaNRG | 11/25/09

This song is perfect..The meaning/music and moreover vocals are unbelievable..I always loved the band..and nw I just cant wait til they release the album..Hope it wil make ur more into love with 30stm..

Hands down, amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/09

This song is brilliant, Jared Leto has a stunning voice and the notes he hits take my breath away.
The filmclip was perfect for this too, fantastic imagery. Just fantastic in general. Cannot wait for the rest.

Improvement. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/09

The build up to the first verse is incredible. Great song, I really like the epic feel this song gives off. This is much much better than their earlier work, the screaming thing is so overplayed and I'm glad they lost it in this song. Let's hope the rest of the album is just as good.

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/09

I mean 30 seconds to mars are good
there first self titled album was the best
I liked how they went slightly scream on there 2nd album but now its changed its still good but there trying to give a bigger message in there songs its great