It's clear | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/10

Hello everyone, read the words. It's obvious the song is speaking about Biblical ideas. Desperate and broken speak of fallen sinful man. Father speaks of God. Kings and queens of promise is about us who were originally designed to be Gods children in right relationship. Victims of ourselves talks of the fact that because of our actions (sin) we are seperated from right relationship with him. Between heaven and hell obviously speaks of our lives on earth b4 we depart to the afterlife. Children of a lesser god could be the idol of the self or possibly Satan who the Bible teaches is the ruler of the earth because of sin he has power 4 this time. Choose 2 believe or not but the songs lyrics are clear.

Awesome song! | Reviewer: Joshua | 2/16/10

Excellently filmed. The transition between the chorus and the ending/outro: "We 'were' the kings and queens of promise" to "We 'ARE' the kings and the queens," represent our inability to change the past but we can change now. Very powerful stuff along with very religious connotations such as: Fire cleansing the planet symbolizing the 2nd coming of Jesus, white horse, resurrection of the biker that was hit, and the end of the road and a new dawn, etc.

Of course this is my interpretation: hope it has something valuable to add to a discussion. Thanks.

jesus | Reviewer: james | 2/15/10

it is said jesus will return on the back of a white horse to defeat the powers of evil and save mankind from certain doom. that white horse was freaking beautiful and i shed a tear because it was an epic moment of redemption.

white horse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/10

I believe that this song is trying to take off the blind fold, to say things as they are. Maybe the age of man is about to be over, but personaly and not for all mankind... I think it might be talking somehow abou death and the lack of knowledge we have about it. It kinda says have faith but there is no turning back our dreams stole our souls.
Mmmm but thats just my opinion, in regards with the rest i think its is the best song i´ve listen of 30 sec... it says something that we all want to know but we are also too afraid to discover.
Can someone tell me if the white horse in the video has anything to do with the song, and if so then what?

my favorite song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/10

It is my understanding that the song's message is about the government. How they always feed us lies and make us make decisions. Just like deciding between haven and hell and victims of ourselves is different races and religions constantly fighting. Also, at the end of the video they ride into the bay which to me resembles the end of the ride or the end of all the arguments in the world. Just my P.O.V. but im possitive it could mean more than this.

good song | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/1/10

@ the argument going on here:
Religion is based on faith; not logic
and Homosexuality isn't a lifestyle choice, and it's no more "wrong" than is heterosexuality.

@ the song:
I absolutely love this song, but I'm not entierly sure what it's about yet; however, it unfortunately seems to be a general song about life on earth and life after death (religion...), however, the chorus seems to have a somewhat different message to it that I can't personaly find out.

Gorgeous lyrics, Beautiful melodies. | Reviewer: Tia | 1/26/10

Thanks, Anonymous (1-18).

I think that the lyrics in this song can be viewed many different ways, much like the thousands of other songs out there. For me it signifies my struggle with mortality. For someone else it might remind them of struggling through an abusive childhood. For others it might show their fight for acceptance in a heavily Christian-influenced, Western society. Its meaning isn't static.

Incidentally, I'm LDS and my best friend is gay - I don't agree with his lifestyle, he knows it, and we still love, miss, and respect each other. We don't have to be confrontational about our beliefs.

video of this song | Reviewer: shadow | 1/24/10

hey. do you know what happens in the video of this song??? it has end when they arrive to the see or a lake. why is there the end? what happens with them??? i don't understand. sorry of my english, but i'm hungarian.

. . . . O.o | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/10

Uhhh . . . Just wanted to add that:
1. This song is awesome :) and I love it :)
2. Take a chill pill people . No need to go bashing other peoples religion's and stuff . I mean , honestly , if you're going around doing that , aren't you being a little bit small minded ? The only logical reason for you to have the ability to properly argue your case is to have lived in every country , experienced every culture , find the reasons for every religion and so on . And you should respect other people's decisions and choices , especially people who you don't know personally and as s/he said below , everyone has their right to their own opinion .

Just saying . . .

Hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/10

Honestly, guys, relax. The point of this song is about LGBTQ empowerment. True, it uses religious allusions, but that is likely done for artistic emphasis rather than an actual statement about religion. I myself am a lesbian and an atheist, but I don't go around trying to put down heterosexuals or believers of gods. Everyone's entitled to his or her opinion- just as long as it doesn't interfere with others' lives.

To the anonymous who wrote a novel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/10

You speak of viligant citizen as he just committed a crime. While i agree that his comment has absolutly nothing to do with the meaning of the song, the way you speak of religion is just as single minded as how he spoke of homosexualty. That being said the song itself IS about religion, a focus for the entire album as stated by Jared Leto. Anyways, I see it the pursuit of religion. How it is probable that religion is just a irrational creation of the people where the Earth is somewhere between Heaven and Hell.I see it as someone who has gone through a journey and looking back how it is spoken at the beginning as "we WERE" to someone who has found faith in God as it changes to "we
ARE," but even though he has found a sense of faith; he still wishs to keep his own pride of individualism...Oh and I would rather live my life looking up to God and die not knowing about the afterlife than die seeing life as governed by noone and end up in Hell. So I'll take my chances with my Savior. I suggest you reevaluate your own opinions if you ever read again..

according to this... | Reviewer: Meh | 1/10/10

First of all, I disagree with Vigilant Citizen, sexuality is a personal choice; as a matter of fact I´m heterosexual but it´s not like that is impportant to the song, that cleared: The guy/girl who did the last review, even if you dont believe in monotheism you have to admit the design of Earth is incredibly complex, so much the idea of an intelligent designer is completely reasonable. The fact that animals behave diferently, I mean the fact they don´t praise a God is simple they are not meant to do so animals dont have the gift of reasoning as strong as we do. Final point to talk about respect practice it too, even though what Vigilant said was pretty much disrespectful nobody should be like that in return it just degrades your believes not in front of other people but also within yourself.

If vigilant citizen is right then I'm not fond... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/10

Not been fond of 30stm before but I heard the tune and it sounded all right. But if "vigilant" citizen is right and looking at the lyrics myself I'm not fond in fact "not fond" isn't strong enough.
For crying out loud, what nonsensical bollocks from Vigilant Citizen's keyboard input. I'm thinking he/she's American because America as a nation is drench in the ignorance of Christianity. The constitution of America talks of religious freedom. Also, I know where the idea of the Devil was invented - from a God which was not evil, from a religion (much older) which didn't believe in pure evil because it doesn't exist in this world, only imbalance. Get a grip. Born out of hatred for that religion.
Homosexuality was present before Christianity and is also present in non-human animals.
We are animals. Before we had developed an intelligent brain we never thought of religion and therefore not of any sort of God or Goddess. Non-human animals don't think of any God or Goddess. Animals are of nature. Sorry. We are ruled by nature that is the only proper law. The others are invented by ourselves, to make us feel special, to control others, to keep us emotionally healthy. Although the latter is devoid in many a religion these days because of the strict rules and fear-mongering - you'll actually become mentally ill from such religions.
Homosexuality is more natural than religion - get over yourself.
Another thing: What makes my blood boil is seeing God as in the monotheist idea written in capital letters? Wasn't a capital letter at the beginning good enough? It's denotes pure arrogance.
Monotheism has brought more pain and suffering than polytheism has. Vigilant citizen, I dare you to speak like that in Bali or Japan - how offensive it is. It would even be considered offensive in Britain. We had modernism and are now into post-modernism - we are secular. We moved on.
Sometimes I wish monotheism wasn't ever invented because it's the shear arrogance that radiates from, and exploitative nature of, it that makes me want to move from the planet which I call home. The planet on which I am happy to stay. I don't look for some afterlife because if you do you are looking to leave this planet usually and you forget where you belong. You were born of Earth. You are a child of Earth not fucking God. Respect your Earth, like humans did in the beginning. Stop destroying your own humanity within vigilant citizen which this religion. Be nice. Why are people gay? It's chemical, hormonal it happens. Why am I left-handed? Chemical and hormonal. There's no deeper reason in reality it was just a formation. Before monotheist religion there was no demonisation it's just an imprint of ignorance from past people and not even that long ago in comparison.

well.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/10

what i think it means is not saying that satan is a god that we follow because he's definitely not a god. i think he's trying to say that the age of man is over and we've put ourselves in this situation because we idolize our own wants and desires above everything else and it's bringing us to a breaking point leading to a dark age of self absorbtion

nicely done | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/09

This is the first song that I've heard by 30 seconds to mars, and all I have to say that it's really well orchestrated. I don't want to argue about lyrical meaning and things like that, because you can argue whatever you want. However, what you cannot argue is that it is a solid song. Vocals fit with the music, and the instruments flow and merge together nicely. A great listen. In terms of the instrumental meshwork of guitars and orchestral instruments, this song kind of reminds me of a folk metal band called Equilibrium.