Hm. | Reviewer: Page | 11/10/10

I don't get why everyone is having a Christianity argument here? It's a page to find lyrics.

Where's the love, people?

Music isn't meant to do that. Or it shouldn't. Just enjoy it don't stress guys. This is a good song, Christian, Atheist, Alien or Scuba diver.
Peace out. (:

really sam | Reviewer: mbru | 11/9/10

first off "Sam" every religion in the world has thier way and if its not their way it the wrong way. not just christianity. so why don't you bash them as well. and no one is going to take your opinions seriously if you put them like that. and "just because you think your right doesn't mean you are. " are you really going to say that. listen to your own words you do not know everything even tho you might think so.

the song is amazing. i like the mainstreams feel just b/c i feel like it can open a lot more people up to 30 sec to mars.

opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/10

O.K. song. Not revolutionary, but good potential. I am a little disappointed that there is no message besides our "faults" and "losses". What is the revolutionary point? religion is bad? tired of this message since having no G-D have not produced better people.

Double Standards | Reviewer: Abbey | 11/4/10


I find it interesting how you bring up the topic of Christianity and then proceed to tear it to shreds throughout your entire post. I will not express my religious views here so as not to corrupt my credibility, but it seems a bit strange that you wouldn't critique the song, which the posts are meant for, and instead ignite a religious debate.
There are many different religious views in the world. Christians seems to get a lot of heat for their beliefs... why that is, I'm still trying to understand. The point is, there are almost as many different takes on Christianity as there are religions in the world. Each Christian believes that they are right in their beliefs, yes... but which religious group doesn't? Why are you complaining? Show me a group of people that are willing to devote themselves to a cause they don't fully believe in, and then I'll say you have a point.
Nobody in this life has all the answers. I'm sorry if the Christians' views on the afterlife and the world in general bother you, but I suppose that's why you're not one anymore. I don't understand why you dislike them so much, but you might want to tone it down a little bit. After all, you'd never see them rallying against you. I suggest with the utmost respect that you let them be.

Interesting song. A little too mainstream for me, but the music is enjoyable.

Should listen and read closely. | Reviewer: David Donoso | 10/25/10

I will not manipulate or produce any adjustment to the lyrics, I will only quotate to make a statement:

-We humans are "Kings & Queens" among all creatures. The scientist and religious man agrees.

-We, mankind are "victims of ourselves" take global warming for example. Don’t blame god, don’t blame others, take responsability.

-We "Kings and queens" "stole our new lives through blood and pain in defense of our
dreams" = Wars (just to mention… have you heard how they paid for your american dream? More blood than you will be able to drink or pump). If not, check inside your history books no matter what country you are from there is always a war for a “dream”. I do not care if you fought so don’t advertise.

-"The childrens of a lesser god" obviously talks about heaven and hell; we belong to the balance of good and evil if we are to be weighted for our sins most of us have a little on each side.

-"The age of man is over" talks about the end. Is it really that hard to see?

Are we to debate science or heaven, newton or hell? If it so this ain't the place, is it?... I will not answer any of your comments. Try to read harder next time. Then, analyze if you are truly making sense or if you're just throwing in a blender random stuff (like Hawkings, Bibles, crucifixes, Einstein, etc.) to spill it on the comment box just to try to beat another person in the other side of the world that will not bend to your believes so "WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU TRY TO CONVINCE HIM?!"

can we stop the debate? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/10

Anon, by the way you told sam to "shut his mouth" you have proven his point. Arguing with a christian is nearly useless. Not 100% so, but pretty close. Christianity is an ok religion. First off i would like to point out that, god created everything, and also started evolution. Being less than perfect leads to being indifferent, being indifferent leads to being bad, being bad leads to the following: evil thoughts, evil deeds, evil intentions, and... well... being evil. So in other words god created evil. The bible put in James 1:13 so people wouldnt use evil as the reason for hating god, or not being christian. There are a thousand safty nets in the bible, that (some sybliminoly, and others explicitly state) that rationalize the bibles constant irrationalities, and contradictions. And before someone falsly points it out, the bible is not holy or inerrant (not free from erorrs). I left christianity because i just couldnt advocate myth (the bible) as fact. I do believe in god, thats a given, but the bible is just too rediculous. Anything that requieres you to give up your reason to believe it, is to be taken with a grain of salt. As for other "revealed" religions, they are all exclusive. Deism (of which i associate myself with) is probably the only inclusive religion. It promotes free thinking and true individuality. Christianity on the other hand, teaches one not to question his/her elders, or the bible. When i went to church (back when i was christian, when i was 12) i asked "if the bible was written by normal people, how do we know they are telling the truth?" I was told "dont question the bible, and we take it on complete faith and that it was divinely inspired" i learned that faith meant abandoning ones reason to believe the impossible i also learned that one does not need "faith" to believe in god. Proof of god is nature itself, not this "revelation" we call the bible. And there is no such thing as divine inspiration or divine intervention for that matter.By the way, did you know that a revelation is a revelation only in the first person? Not in those told about the revelation, Because we could never know if that "revelation" is fact or just something that was made up. Whether or not there is a heaven or hell matters not. God has the power to continue our existence in one form or another if it so chooses. Or it could stop our existance when this life is over. I dont believe in the devil, so i really dont see a point in hell. Im not even sure if i believe in heaven. Belief in god is actually all that matters. Now can we stop this religion debate and get back to this really good song? I dont even know how the whole religion debate got started (cause i dont care to). 30 seconds to mars in pretty awesome, though Hurricane is way better than kings and queens.

to sam | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/10

umm sam . DO NOT say that about christians so you need to shut YOUR mouth . k'thanks ? okay so not all christians are like that. some christians are really into the religion and some arent some know how REAL LIFE IS. and i'm one of them. the problem with you and why i think your stopped being a christian is that you went into the religion TOO fast. start out slow. learn everything piece by piece. and arguing with a christian ISNT pointless. okay ? your arguing with one now and i'm just a normal person. yea and we think our way is the right way... BUT DOESNT EVERY OTHER RELIGION THINK THAT TOO !?!? and if you say no your lying straight through your teeth. ALL religions think their way is the right way. and its your choice to see which way you want to go. the world is scary. gets scarier every day. you never know when your gonna be gone. or someone that you love is going to be gone. so i'm just gonna give it to you STRAIGHT up. if you want to live your eternal life happy, and joyful i would advise you to be a christian. I AM NOT FORCING YOU. i cannot decided for you. you have to be the one smart enough to do it yourself. if you want to live your eternal life miserable ( which i really dont understand but the world is different, people are different) you can be in hell forever and burn in fire. (now doesnt that sound lovely ? ) not . I know that when i'm dead i'll be living in heaven forever. because i'm saved. and it feels great to be confident about that because I KNOW. i've done everything i need to be saved. and thats only one thing. YOU JUST HAVE TO ASK. and pray to God. and about the thing where you said we say we dont know but God has the answer. it's true that God does have the answer. WE ARE ONLY HUMANS. WE DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING. if you asked someone who is Buddhist or Atheist, or Muslim and asked them if they had all the answers they would say they don't know. you have to choose whats best for you. i hope you'll be smart and choose the right way. i hope you take what i said to heart. if you want to be a christian again. or need to ask a question just ask me. i'll be happy to answer. i won't have all the answers. i can tell you that from the start. i'm not gonna lie to you.

thanks .
- nicole

karen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/10

id just like to point out that what melly said about the bible contradicting it self is not very accurate. Yes the devil said that the loyal man would lose that loyalty if everything was taken from him but god was not the one to test him for James 1:13 says "for with evil things god cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone" the accout about that man can be found in job 1 and on and you can read it for your self. In never says that god did those bad things to job. In Job 2:7 it very clearly states so Satan went out away from the person of god and struck Job with a malignant boil from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head" And regarding melly's comment about not getting anything back, that is also wrong cause job 42:12 say that god blessed the man with more than he had in the beginning. "he came to have 14,000 sheep and 6,000 camels and a thousand spans of cattle and a thousand she-asses. he also came to have seven sons and three daughters." job 42:16 "and job continued living after this a hundred and forty years and came to see his sons and his grandsons-four generations."

So as you can see, god didnt give into peer pressure because he didnt beleive the man would be loyal. On the contrary! He allowed satan to do those things to him as much as it hurt him to watch because he KNEW the man would be loyal. Dont you see? God doesnt cause suffering, how could he? 1 john 4:8 says god is love! The only reason this world is so painful to live in is because 1 john 5:19 says the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one(satan) and God has a very good reason for allowing it. But keep in mind that the bible says god is gonna take away all th esuffering and get rid of the wicked one very soon.

Now for those that say the bible was writen by men, 2 timothy 3:16 says all Scripture is inspired of god. if you dont beleive that, you have not experienced the power it has. if thats not true than how can a hard core criminal have a complete change of heart because he begins to study the bible and do what is right in gods eyes?
All im saying is that if you read the Bible CAREFULLY, not just one chapter, you find it doesnt contradict it self and the impact it can have on people.

... | Reviewer: elizabeth | 9/14/10

okay Sam what you said isn't true. How can you say that about christians? Yes i agree that some christians act like that and tell you whatever you do you're wrong, but i'm personally not like that. so you can't just bash all christians on experiences you've had with a few. And yeah alot of stuff doesn't have a complete answer but that's where faith comes in and i understand that Faith is more difficult than knowing. But it's the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that there is some God greater out there who is waiting for me.

great song, but the religous arguement is pointless | Reviewer: kmacq | 9/10/10

i would just like to say that the song is about whatever you think it is about. i think it is a great song that we may never know what its meaning. as to the religion turn-to-God-or-you-will-go-to-hell arguement going on here, it is absolutely pointless! i am personally a Christain, and understand why people may say such things. But you must realize by now, arguing and saying such things does nothing. it only gives non-religous people reason not to be Christain. all they see are a bunch of self-rightous, close-minded hypocites. if you really want to advocate for God, show people love. respect and care for them. ease them into the faith, instead of introducing them with a laundry list of shortcomings and reasons for damnation. Loving- this is our greatest weapons when it comes to converting people. this is the foundation of the faith.

it's what the video represents...! | Reviewer: singlespeedgirl | 8/24/10

the song's about hope.That is why it presents a different lifestyle itself through the video of the song.Have you ever spoken to those who support bike as a way of life?Or even more,the fixie riders?
Haven't you been told that they feel like they can HOPE for more through what they do?
As an insane biker myself too,i can tell ya how bad i feel about people killed on the streets everyday by damn bad car drivers,those who pollute the cities,those who do not see that alternative choices are the new way of life people need?
And yes,everyone is equal,but some of us try more for a non violent,clean and full of good energy world.......

christians should shut their mouths. | Reviewer: Sam | 8/23/10

I used to be a Christian until I Learned how the world we live in really worked.... I started to ask question that they cannot answer and always lead to "we dont know why... but god has a reason" thats their last ditch effort of reason to make sense of what they believe..... The problem with "Christians" is that they think their way is the ONLY WAY and the RIGHT WAY.... they become obsessed about their belief so much that they dont realize how silly they sound when they say stuff to non christians. common... your going to hell when you die so better repent ??? PLEASE...... IM SOO SCARED so I'll accept Jesus so i'll be saved.... :S they are only thinking of one way which is their way and nothing else matters. so arguing with a christian is 100% pointless. correction 110% absolute pointless... save your time on someone that actually is willing to have a intelligent 2 way conversation.

I totally agree with Adam

"BTW..."Protestant," it's best if you hold your toungue...just because you think you're right doesn't mean you are."

Depth | Reviewer: Adam | 8/17/10

This song is about humanity, religion, parenting, relationships...etc...Jared Leto and the band members have always stated there music is "far reaching" any good art just does that...

The meaning I took from this song is that life is about being your true self, no matter what...

BTW..."Protestant," it's best if you hold your toungue...just because you think you're right doesn't mean you are.

Superficial Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/10

It could be about hope and perseverance, that everyone has potential or 'promise', and we sometimes don't live up to it by victimizing ourselves in different ways.. 'Maybe the children of a lesser god between heaven and hell' probably might've been intended to emphasize that we're afterall human and sometimes susceptible to weakness, if we assume that humans are a form of god..
Most of the verses have lines that start of with despair but become hopeful and purposeful eventually leading into that uplifting chorus..another thing i notice is that the chorus starts of in past tense 'we WERE etc etc'..but the finale ends in present tense 'we ARE'..more suggestive of the never-give-up theme.
I'll agree with everyone who talked about multiple interpretation, i just tried to look it from a point that isnt wholly religious..just 'coz that's what everyone isn't doing :)

K&Q | Reviewer: titouneb | 7/20/10

I'm French so forgive me if my english isn't realy good.

I agree with Melly. It's a song, we never be able to know about what Jared Leto was thinking by witting it. But the power of a song it's that everybody can search for a meaning et create his own view about the song.
So if you don't agree, you can just find another way to listen yo this song.
In my opinion, it just talk about the fallens, angels as humans. We had everything but, because of our pride, we were looking for more and Father (God, or any name you wanna give to him)send a punishment: humans were chased from the Land (Eden's Garden)(Night of the Hunter)and angels fell from Heaven to Hell. "Between Heaven and Hell" it's just the place we are .... Heaven above and Hell underground.
Only "lesser God" can upset some Christians but who can say that our God is the only and the real ? Muslim, Jewish, we all believe in the same thing. Maybe there is no God but Yaweh. Nobody can prove that.
And why this song or any other from 30 STM has to be evil ? Everything here is written in the Bible. And if it wasn't ? As Melly said, the Bible was written by men and widely distorted by the clergy at the biginning of our religion. I don't think God is getting upset by some men who want to shake off people and to make them thinking about all of that, only men care about such things.
Yes I'm catholic, yes I read the Bible but I think we have ask ourselves why when someone says the words "apocryphal", "Lucifer" .... the others give him a damn before knowing what he is trying to explain. We have to search on our own the meaning of our creed. We have to dive on deep water (PIA).