Trolling or just sleeping? | Reviewer: Spike | 3/4/14

"There is one passage in the bible when God is talking with the devil about ... The man stayed loyal to God, but in the end he never got anything in return."
You have to pay attention if you want to try to criticize the bible intelligently.
It's not a "passage", it's an entire book in the bible called Job, and your summary of the story indicates you fell asleep before finishing it.

F#%KING awesome song! (: | Reviewer: Janet | 6/3/12

This is one of my favourite songs. War album is really great but I prefer the old songs. More screams and more alternative.. But I still love the band. All their songs are just amazing. And I love my big family! <3 ~Really big MARS hugs~ *_* Provehito in altum..

the kings and queens | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/12

We have to learn from the mistakes.We have to accept what we did.But that is not meant to be what we have to regret or feel sorry.We are the kings and queens of our own life.This song brings me back to my own life.We can find out the details of this song how beautiful this description they made to encourage people.I love this song.

Inspirational.. | Reviewer: Chris | 1/12/12

I really like this song. the guitars the drums the vocals, I want to sing this at a concert or something lol it could be a religious song. could be about history an humanity's fuk ups. no matter what, the production is beautiful and it captures me everytime I hear it.. love this song.. and I believe in Jesus, I'm black and very much straight. juss thawt I shud point that out lol

please people | Reviewer: no | 12/22/11

Lord people no reason to swear here this is a great song u can think whatever u want u don't have to aurgu about something that doesn't matter no one cares if it is religous or not yes I'm a christian but that doesn't mean I think its written about god just enjoy 30stm and get over it

it's all about us | Reviewer: bayu asmoro | 9/1/11

we WERE the kings and queens of promise remind me of Adam & Eve in the Eden.
They are fallen as the victim of their-selves.
Through blood and pain we stolen new life,it reminds me of Christ the redeemer
We ARE the kings.
We ARE the queens. | Reviewer: dave | 9/1/11

I love this track. I've just heard 30stm on a recording of the reading festival and it was brill. what gets me though is why there is so much hate in these messages. I thought music was supposed to unite rather than support peoples superiority complexes. I like what the Karma believer had to say nice one mate, it would be a better world if people just chilled. What cracks me up as well are people so fixated in their own thought processes that they are totally convinced they are right about what they say. Its better to try and have an open mind so that you can learn something new. If you are convinced you know it all already then your mind is closed and you haven't a chance of learning anything. Thats just my experience anyway, take it if its any use to you.

also another opinion | Reviewer: christian | 8/19/11

I think the song is about someone finding faith.
This person tried to govern his or her life without
God, but they realized they needed both their
spirituality and their individuality to live.
This is just my opinion (I believe it was Leto's
intention to leave the lyrics up for speculation),
but I ascertain this from the past tense used in the
refrain: "We WERE the kings and queens of
promise," and the line, "Maybe the children of a
lesser God between Heaven and Hell," meaning
maybe God is just a figment of the imagination of
several human beings on Earth (assuming Earth
is located between Heaven and Hell).
The bridge is very suggestive of life after death:
"The age of man is over... These lessons that
we've learned here have only just begun." Then
Leto switches into the present tense: "We are the
kings/queens" suggesting he has found faith in
God, but still maintains his individuality.
I hope my musings make sense ^_^. I hope they
help your understanding of the song as well

Great Song | Reviewer: Oh you know | 8/7/11

Dozer made me laugh so hard and he is completely right. Silly faggots dicks are for chicks stop blaming 30 seconds to mars because you chose to like dicks.
This song has ended up on a few movies I noticed recentley. I was surprised it didn't end up on "Rise of the planet of the Apes".

WTF? | Reviewer: Dozer | 5/6/11

First let's start off by acknowledging the fact that 30 seconds to mars has ZERO affiliation to religous media. Second, all of you who are making this about religion and homosexuality are just fuckin ignorant dumbshits. I just got on here to look up lyrics to this awesome song and see another fucking debate between the dumbass close minded asshole christian shoving their propeganda down our throats and the stupid ass dick sucker trying to prove some point about his right to be gay or whatever. All of you are missing the whole point... and this is going to solve the whole debate for this post and all others hereafter.... to all of you arguing/agreeing/supporting.... NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FUCK WHAT YOU THINK. Enjoy 30 Seconds to Mars and GET A FUCKING LIFE.

Calm down people! | Reviewer: Amy | 4/29/11

Um, yeah, just because there's the word "god" in this song, doesn't mean that it's about religion.
"Maybe the children of a lesser god" = Maybe destined to fail.

This song is about how we humans destroy ourselves with war.
"The sound of a fight, Father has spoken." = There's a battle going on because of the Father. Father = elder. Elder = Leader.

"We were the kings and queens of promise" = we had so much potential.
"We were the victims of ourselves" <-- If you're literate, that means you're educated enough to understand this.
"Maybe the children of a lesser god"<--already said.

You can figure out the rest on your own.

Related to 'This is War' | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/11

Firstly, just because this song contains the word God does not mean that it is religious. This analysis will try to avoid religion to prevent insulting anyone, and to avoid previous themes on the analysis.

I think that this song is trying to explain that the human race has failed, and this is reflected in the first two lines of the chorus. It states that 'we were the kings and queens of promise' which implies that we had so much we could have acheived, and then the line 'the victims of ourselves' explains that we threw it all away, through greed and cheating people of things. Stealing, shooting, money, the state. All the basis of capitolism. Taking something for profit, or leaving it because it wont be profitious in the long term. For example, President Bush (I know it's Obama now) left the city of New Orleans for ages after the devastation of Katrina, and I still don't think it's been fixed. He left it to rot because it would not profit him somehow. What we should do as a people is help people, not because we might gain from it (destroying the point of DofE volunteering), but because it is the right thing to do.

'through blood and pain, we stole our new lives, in defense of our dreams' this is how the western (and some of the eastern) world flourished. The british empire was founded through war and pain. They would not consider a land conquered until every one of its inhabitants was either enslaved, executed, or joined the British. This happened to one quarter of the earth, and there was no excuse, other than that we were 'defending our dreams', but even that is a lame excuse. It was highly unlikely that a tribesman from africa was going to bring an army big enough to kill the british. The british did it through greed, because the people wanted more, and it is the same in America.

The lines 'the lessons we've learnt here, have only just begun' imnply that the pasat is not perfect. We have decided to learn the heard way, through the easiest thing. (Word limit)

Related to 'This is War' | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/11

this relates to 'this is war', as the moral of the song is that we need to learn from past mistakes, not cringe about them. We need to accept that we are not perfect. This is War is telling us 'rhe war is won' I think this means that, once all wars have been won, and it is certain that there will be no more, that is when we have achieved the 'brave new world', and that is what I believe this album/song is about. Learning from mistakes, stopping war as result of the mistakes, and therefore creating a 'brave new, perfect, world'

Just to say | Reviewer: anon | 1/28/11

This is the same with all religions, you can't criticize them but they can criticize you but still you have no need to bash on a lyrics website. "/ I think it would be comforting to have religion but at the same time too idyliic and before you say about me not knowing a thing about Christianity, I went to church for years, went to a Christian school and studied the bible to come to one rubbish conclusion - i can't believe it ALL.

haha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/10

everyone needs to loosen up.
there are different views, different ways. have arrogance to criticize others, something will happen to you.
if you haven't noticed, i'm a believer in karma.
not a god follower, not an atheist. i believe in higher power. i do not believe that mankind were made to "conquer the planet", because look at the disaters we've caused. we are our own worst enemy.

who you are resides in yourself... i don't give a shit. xD live life your own way.
awesome effen song btw :D 30secondstomars ftw!!! <3