wow | Reviewer: PROTESTANT | 7/15/10

wow, catholic's views are so screwed up... it's so sad that some people who claim they're a Christian will take their beliefs to them to hell...anyone who puts down the Bible and misinterprets it publically is just wrong. that's the Holy Book. you can't pick out parts of it you want to follow, and ignore what you don't want to follow.

opinionss | Reviewer: melly | 7/9/10

i dont think anyone can have misconseptions on a song. songs are about how they make you feel. Its a preferance, an opinion. the artist wrote the song with his intentions and feeling and we hear it with our own interpritations. how can u possibly know that yours is the one he was thinking? and does it really matter? NO! its about how the song makes you feel.

and also I want to say i am catholic, and i believe that somethings in the bible are wrong and contradict themself. There is one passage in the bible when God is talking with the devil about hi loyal servant and the devil tells God that this servant would not be loyal to him if he lost everything. To prove the devil wrong God set the mans barn on fire killing all his crop and animals, and his family too. The man stayed loyal to God, but in the end he never got anything in return. Seems like God gave into pear pressure right there, he didnt trust this man to love him, he, like adam and eve, fell for the devils tricks. If God made us in his image, and we can sin doesnt that mean God sins aswell?

another thing, God did NOT write the bible. other humans, sinning lying humans wrote it. therefore if there really was a God he should not care if u are a homosexual. you cant help who you love any more then u can help being the race you are. not to long ago whites, catholic whites, killed, tortured, and enslaved black people. and now we are treating homosexuals, lesbians, transvestites, ect... the same way.

So its fine, if you dont believe in God thats your opinion, if you hate gays thats your opinion, just dont go saying that God can stop you from being homosexual when you know nothing about it.

The chant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/10

The chant in the end of the song is great! I love it. It makes me have goosebumps, which is nice. I love Jared Leto's voice too, it's just so passionate and powerful. Brendon, you're analysis of the song is quite good! However, that doesn't mean that is the actual meaning of the song. That's the beauty of art: you can make it whatever you like.

PS: What the heck is wrong with fornication, eh? :-D

Misconceptions | Reviewer: Brendon | 6/14/10

Many people here have a lot of misconceptions. First of all, let me reiterate I am not the hyper-religious conservative type. I am Christian and I love Christ with all my heart.

The thing is, this song may not be Christian or Biblical, but it applies all too well to the Fall of Man. This is the story of the Garden of Eden, where mankind, our first ancestors, gave up paradise, and the chance to rule the earth alongside God. We were the kings and queens of promise, but we were the victims of ourselves, when we gave it up in trying to be like God. Of course, Adam and Eve did this, but they were humans, and God granted us all free will, for He desires a "bride." God wants a group of people who love Him back to spend eternity with Him, and rule with Him. We lost this oppertunity, but Christ death gives us all this chance once again. Because of our sin, we cannot go to heaven. God requires absolute perfection - no sin whatsover. No lusts, no greed, no hatreds, no cursing, nothing. We cannot live up to this, so Jesus died an extremely brutal death to be the sacrafice for our sins. He took our punishment for us, and God rose Him from the dead three days after He died, because He was the Worthy One, who conquered sin and death by living a perfect life. So, if we trust Jesus Christ, our faith counts as righteousness, and one day, God will restore the earth, and we will live with Him, and rule with Him in eternal paradise. If you decide to trust Jesus Christ, you will be a king or queen or promise - for God has promised He will never leave you, nor forsake you, and you are promised this eternal life.

Now, if you reject it, God will grant your wish in rejecting Him. When God defeats sin, there will be nowhere left that isn't made perfect, except the place prepaired for Satan and the demons, which is hell. If we reject Him now, we let Him know we do not want Him, and we will wind up in the place where He is not. Instead of eternal pardise - without sadness, sorrow, pain - we will experiance eternal torment. It is a torment in and of itself merely to be separated from God, who is love, and His Kingdom, nevermind the flames in hell! You can escape these flames by trusting Jesus. You are a Christian and WILL go to heaven if you repent (turn towards Jesus) and trust in Him to save you from your sin (forgive you).

Now, your sins were what caused Him to be crucified, and they get between you and Him in fellowship. So you should try to eliminate it as much as you can.

As for homosexuality, the Bible is blatantly clear it is a sin, and that God does not want you to be a homosexual. Now, I am no bigot, I do not believe people chose to be gay, nor do I believe they are born gay. It is a developmental issue. Either way, God can help you overcome it, no matter how you feel. I have been set free from some terrible sins - it took time and I still have desire at times to give in and go do them again, but Jesus helps me avoid them. I am not perfect, but I am a lot better, and I'm getting better, although I have my big slip ups here and there. God loves homosexuals, but it is a sin, and He can help you overcome it, just as He can help the porn addict, alcoholic, drug addict, fornicator, murderer, thief - anyone. So, turn to Him, and put your trust in Him, and you will be a king or queen of promise, and He will help you to conform to His perfect image, and live in true peace. Once you put the burden down of your self-love, trying to work your way to heaven, and more, and accept that you are a terrible sinner and need forgiveness, you will feel an incredible sense of relief - maybe you'll cry, but let those tears also be of joy, for you will literally live for ALL eternity.

The Earth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/10

like many others i agree it has many meanings but one of the main meanings as the title of the song suggests we were the kings and queens until we let it all fall apart. the land between heaven and hell, the earth. when i listen to it i cant help but think of how our earth is dying by our hands.

religion & humanity | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/10

Maybe this song has a religious message but it has a powerful humanity message too.I'm not a religious person and H don't wanna say I can't bear religious views but I've understood this song is more about humanity.and I think humanity is more important than the religion.maybe we are Christian,Jewish or Muslim but all of us are humans.and we must bring back the this song we hear "the age of man is over"with aslow rythem,it shows us this meaning.humanity's been lost in our religious views.perhaps religion is a lesson and we have to learn but I think it's hard lesson and because of this topic we forgot the humanity points.boy or girl homosexaul or lesbian,bisexaul or faithless or religious,all of us humans.

Different Opinions and Viewpoints | Reviewer: Just Me | 5/15/10

Really, it is all a matter of opinion, and how you look into the lyrics.

I see many different meanings behind the lyrics: one of which is a Gay Rights message, right from the beginning:
"the sound of a fight- father has spoken" - how many people have suffered through pain caused by their own family, because they chose to do nothing more than love someone? One of my best friends, who is a lesbian, was basically kicked out of her home of 18 years because her parents were homophobic.
The message continues into the chorus, implying the judgements that they face and the way society looks upon them, how the torment can end up making them feel. The "victims of ourselves...the children of a lesser god?" why should they be victimised by narrowminded people? Why should they be seen as less than everyone else?
And what exactly is the point, "vigilent citizen" for pointing out that this narrow-minded, homophobic bigotness still occurs in the form of people like you who seem to enjoy belittling others who don't share your views. I mean really - I'm a Christian, but I'm also a Gay Rights supporter. How does your argument work?

Everyone is equal, everyone deserves the right to love: I mean for fucks sake - Gay people can't technically "marry", but murderers and rapeists and thieves can still get married, even from their cells? How is that fair?

The message goes right through the song "through blood and pain", the "lessons... have only just begun" meaning, unfortunately, there still seems to be a long way to go before people finally wake up, but finishes on what appears to be a good note - the change from "were" to "are" - proves nothing is over yet.

Another message could be that people are just trying to follow their dreams, and try and make a better life for themselves in a cruel world where it's every person for his/herself.
I also see the image of someone who has depression, or some other illness - "desperate and broken" - when you hit the low and want it all to end. "The vistims of ourselves" - when you have depression or similar illnesses, you are your own worst enemy. The song could be about trying to get yourself up and out of teh depressive spiral and become who you are meant to be or who you want to be.

However, these are all just my own opinions. The religious context that may be hidden there isn't too obvious to me, though the white horse in the video clearly symbolises death when he sings "age of man is over". Regardless, whatever it is meant to mean, only the writers know and the rest of us simply have to speculate.

So speculate away, I've added my share for anyone who cares to read it. Thanks xxx

Make Up Your Own Mind | Reviewer: sam | 4/27/10

Lyrics can be interpreted in many different ways. Personally, I don't get a "religious" meaning out of this. I definitely get a "spiritual" one though. Everyone is focusing on what the writter meant but what's important is how u interpret it for yourself. This could be about religion, or spirituality, or what humans have done to the planet or other humans...lots of things. Someone asked "Is it a warning, a lesson, or a sign of hope?" I think it's all of the above. I get a feeling of sorrow, reflection, regret, and enlightenment. Anyway, very wonderful and powerful song no matter what it means to each person!

wikipedia says: | Reviewer: Sarah | 4/21/10

::In an early 2009 interview with MTV, Jared said that they hope to have their third album out by summer 2009, and he also gave information about the meaning behind the record saying, "I think this record is about faith, about spiritual matters, and that just happens to be what we're thinking about and talking about in our lives right now. I said when the last album came out that I wanted to destroy the first record, which I think we did. We took a dramatic turn from the first to the second, and I think this new record follows that path. It's exciting to us, and we're really passionate about it."::
personally I feel like this song is about how humans have separated themselves from God and how we are all redeemed. ALL of us, that's why all different sorts of people are riding together in the video, Jesus didn't come just to save the conservative Christians, He died for EVERYONE! and we didn't even have to do anything to receive this gift of salvation "We stole our new lives/Through blood an pain" it's as if we just took it without working for it: like we stole it. but really, it was given.

I dare you to think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/10

The official video its amazing. Im not a religious person but i agree that its meaning is completely religious...i shed a tear too listening to it... these kind of songs give me strength to face anything that comes up in my life. And its not just the true meaning of the lyrics, its what you feel, what you think and what you imagine when you listen to this. Music for me is pure feeling...i write my own songs and if i ever create a song that can transmit so much, ill be proud of me. Theres another song that i recommend you to listen : Love song -Mute math
And me singing =)

What are the lyrics about and just like the music | Reviewer: alex | 4/14/10

religion and faith is something a peerson has to descover by them sleves not force uppon them, and why give people a hard time for being homosexuals because if we are all made in gods image then everything thing is fine and if anyone says or referes to the bible ( it was written by PEOPLE who put their OWN ideologies into it) what are these lyrics about lol

wth is going on? | Reviewer: Right or Rong | 4/6/10

how can such a great song turn into a biblical or homosexual statement?
people trying to convert people into Christianity and homosexuals trying to defend their rights.
religion is a thing that must be searched, not given. you must find its meaning to you, how it helps you to do right. there are religious homosexuals, and as i read before, homosexuality is NOT a choice! you cannot chose to love your own gender. you just do.
for me, all i can think when i ear 80% of this album is Iraq.
so people, enjoy the songs, believe in what you will, and dont bash other peoples beliefs.

Welcome to The New World Order | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/10

Good song. Very deep meaning and touch the people. At last someone stand up to remind us about the system or the prison that we live in. We should unplugged ourself from this worldly agenda. Dont feed the elit and dont let them feed u. Nouvos Ordo Seclorum is a step for their master plan. To completely strip u off from your only god. Beware of The One-eyed Deceiver my friend. They are not your god.

Questionnnn | Reviewer: Sophia | 3/17/10

I know that everyone has there own look on the interpretation of the song lyrics. But does anyone know the deeper meaning? Is it a warning, a lesson, or a sign of hope? That's the only trouble I'm having with this song.

Shut up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/10

Okay, let me sum this up for everyone. We were destined for greatness and we fucked up. So shut the fuck up with all your religious shit, you can't impose religion on people and that make's your entire religion look bad if you do. The most messed up people I know are religious, being religious doesn't give you the right to be a total dumbshit and do whatever you want so just shut the fuck up