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Performed by 30 Seconds to Mars

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Great song | Reviewer: Mike | 10/9/07

This song ripped off the beat of a Deftones song off of their album "White Pony" nevertheless I love this song. I think this song is about our lousy President.

KEREN>>> | Reviewer: wednes bukan pecundang kaya' loe | 9/6/07

yeah.. this song is so great..
first i watch the from yesterday's videoclip.
i hear that soundds.. and suddenly i love that's song. the lyrics remind me about a tragedy in my life.

my thinks | Reviewer: Diego | 9/4/07

i think 30 seconds to mars is a nice band but if u hear the kill in acoustic he can almost sing he`s not a gr8 singer after all but i like the music besides the lyrics are good and its an unic style of music cuz its like emo metal and it sounds cool

hmmm | Reviewer: yesenia | 9/3/07

This band is the best!!!I love 30 seconds to MARS, the are very original and his songs are brilliant!!!!

love the song | Reviewer: khetsiwe | 8/28/07

hey hey guys, im sooo in love with your songs and i think u all rock. Im so in luv with Jared, wud not mind a kiss on my chick. with lots of love

Im a latina and i like this band | Reviewer: aleja | 8/17/07

this band is the best...the lyrics are original and amasing....i love all of this band the best son uis the fantasy of rock and live me

band | Reviewer: nick | 8/17/07

well our band have been doing this song and we finaly got it near enough good im a bass and i love thwe bass lines in this

from yesterday it's awesome | Reviewer: Juan Sarmiento | 8/14/07

it's really really awesome 'cause it's amazing the way these guys use there style it's so cool
i thought that's it's interesting the video it's
so so so cool.
i like the kill too it's awesome¡¡¡¡¡¡

From yesterday - Kenshin | Reviewer: Paul Visagie | 8/14/07

This song reminds me of the anime series: Rurouni Kenshin, who used to be a samurai but then his concious started bothering him because he killed so many people. So he decides not to kill anymore but instead to help those around him, protect the people who cant protect themself.

the video clip | Reviewer: Bryan benneth | 8/11/07

i like 30 seconds to mars video clips
i don't know it's samurai or china warrior i'm confused...!
but when i hear this song i feel my spirit come to the place where it should to be...

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