The ones to look up to | Reviewer: Nikki | 3/7/11

MARS are my favourite band of all time and I madly look up to them because of the amazing and inspiring lyrics and songs that Jared Leto writes. Fallen is personally one of my top rated song of their's, after The Kill (Bury Me) and This is War. With the words that Jared writes and how all four member proform this, it's just pure enjoyment and mean alot to me. MARS CAN DO NO WRONG!!!

30STM IS THE SHIT | Reviewer: Luke | 10/30/08

I got to see these guys in Chicago a year ago, and they fucking knocked it out like no other, they are at the top of their game, i just hope they can stay there to turn out more great songs and not just break up and fall away into obscurity like so many other great bands. Keep it coming 30STM and become legends, you got what it takes!!!