about this songg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

WOW !!
its just liek my fave !
i seen them yesterday in concert and they are the best !! didnt think theyd be that gud but they ripped up the stage !!
loveinnggg them so much !!

Attack - 30 Seconds to Mars | Reviewer: Emily | 5/2/07

Amazing song !
The lyrics are beautiful and a type that anyone can relate to at some point in their lives.

Very effective pitch and layers fit in well !

However, many other peoples oppinion is that the techno bit in the intro and the outro didnt really go well and got irritating to some.
I dont mind the techno, I thought it was a thoughtful mix.

sooooo fucking cool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/07

your songs are so good that I will never 4 get them ever

this song is wicked | Reviewer: amy babie | 4/20/07

i listend to diz song cuz of me bro and i think that it is wicked and i totally wanna c dem in like concert cuz they r so so cool me favie song is attack i know all da words luv ay all amy babie

Speechless.... | Reviewer: Leon | 4/12/07

So i first heard and saw this on my friends TV screen in his car (rich bastard)...i got teary eyed at the end when that last animated flash says "I LOVE YOU" and that last scream hits...the song ended and the only thing i could say was "press repeat...and dont turn it down AT ALL...for the last 3 hours...we only listened to THAT SONG..and i screamed it out of the car the entire way home!"

Cpl Leon Branchaud

attack | Reviewer: Mary | 3/30/07

this song is one of the best songs of 30...
i hope they are going to make music for a very long time!

awes! | Reviewer: Rachel | 3/16/07

luv 3o seconds to mars and cant stop listening 2 their music!! the fantasy, attack and a beautiful lie r the best! oh yeh luv the O.C 2 lol just had 2 add that

WOW | Reviewer: laurz | 3/3/07

i love this song! its amazing the best song i've heard in a while.

absolutely brill!!! | Reviewer: adeeba | 2/28/07

i luv dis song its the best. the lyrics just stay in your head

nice | Reviewer: Mel | 2/24/07

the more I listened to it the more i realize how good it is.. such an excellent song. great beat. you gotta love the lyrics. ^_^

awesomo attack | Reviewer: tash | 2/18/07

This song is the definition of awesome it sticks in your head which is
a good thing. Also 30 seconds to mars are a brilliant band who everyone i know loves and why wouldnt they great lyrics, catchy tunes and extrmo hot band members. they rock!!!!!!!!!!!

rad | Reviewer: hailzzz | 12/31/06

this song is pretty much amazing but afterall its coming from none other than 30 seconds to mars so what do you expect?
jared leto is a man of many talents. not only is he an actor. but hes an actor gone singer. and hes successful! unlike lindsay lohan and hilary duff who are actrices gone singers who are ridiculed for thinking they can feed off their fame into a possible musical career. jared is a full throttle musician who didnt need to feed off his acting talent to be sucessful in the music world.
he can sing gentle lullibies, to screaming choruses, and hes a quite the hottie.
attack by 30 seconds to mars is frickin amazing.

ps. if you like this song look at their other new song The Kill

Empowering! | Reviewer: Laurasia | 9/20/06

I absolutely love this song. Jared's writing simply hits too close to home for me on this one. For me, personally, this song represents my own breaking free from a horribly abusive relationship. I am very proud to say that "I am finally free!"

Dude!! | Reviewer: amber | 1/17/06

ok this song is amazing i mean its more about the lyrics really i mean if u listen close it plays in in ur own life...i mean u may not think it does but really listen close to the song nd it fills in ur own missing pieces...soon ull find urself listening to more and more of their songs...this band ROCKS!!!


Amazing | Reviewer: Alexi | 12/25/05

I first heard 30 Seconds To Mars on Carson Daly and was simply amazed. i havent heard such breathtaking music in as long as i can remember! my favorite band is Trapt, and 30 Seconds To Mars exceeds Trapt by a loonng shot. teh sound is reviting and the lyrics are hard core. Jared is so awesome and Attack, Beautiful Lie and Kill are my favorite songs of all time. there soo addiciting, i cant stop listening to them!!