one of those.... | Reviewer: Tommy d' jonzz | 8/24/07

one of those songs that has a deeper meaning in simple words, one of those songs that you get attached with the first time you hear it, one of those songs that will be in time after a time, one of those song in which each singular person that would listen to it can relate themselves in their own way.. yeah it is one of those........

AWESOME!! | Reviewer: getSYKED | 8/24/07

OMFGGG u havent lived till u have heard this song! its like AMAZING!

:) omgg,, All Thankx To Kerrang! I Now Have A New Fave Band!


incredible | Reviewer: shubham | 8/23/07

This is a killer song from 30stm. The synth sound in the beginning is enough to attack you! That just drives me super crazy and then that typical jared leto screaming is shit...Guys check out the video too...I usually listen to metal but when it comes to new rock i love this band.

Will we all become poets again? | Reviewer: Amy Wykoff | 8/13/07

Writing good songs was a thing of the past, as generic and cliche bands took over T.V. and radio waves for the past decade of more, until now. While few more then the Echelon recognized their debut self titled album, this current release, A Beautiful Lie, has grabbed hold of our attention with no intention of letting go. As J. Leto himself wrote "it is an album about going to war with yourself and winning", and really, who can not relate to that? As a writer and fan of truly great music, I appreciatte what 30 STM has done for all of us who have waiting so long for someone to speak volumes for us. The 90's had Nirvana, the 80's had U2. This is our voice, our generations music. Thank you 30 STM.

simple yet strong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/07

i love it how there are none of those big words and strange phrass. everything's sort put into place. right from the beginning it hits straight at the message needing to be delivered. this is the kind of band where you hear one of their songs or see one song's lyrics and instantly you connect and you just listen more to them.
they write about things using the most common words in the dictionary and make them so strong.

30stm are onto something. | Reviewer: anonymous =] | 7/13/07

i'm telling you, these guys are out to make history. they're first album ever and they're just getting bigger and bigger by the second. this song is one of my favorites. simple short phrases. dropping a bomb, making a point at every little phrase. it all fits together like a perfect puzzle. it relates to everybody because everybody goes through this at some point. their songs are just about the cold hard truth about life and they make it work so well i can't even ben to explain.

Awesome | Reviewer: Shai | 6/22/07

30STM is my 3rd favorite band, my favorite is Linkin Park, then Hoobastank and then 30STM.
I'll attack is a great song.

Awesome | Reviewer: Keith | 6/15/07

This song is simply awesome. The songs 30 Seconds to Mars produces are breathtaking. The music is reviving and the lyrics send you tumbling into deep thought. These qualities aren't so readily available in the mainstream world of music. If you're looking for something profound, 30 seconds to mars is a band worth checking out.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Johnny | 6/8/07

This song is great from beginning to end. Very inspirational in all aspects - an excellent start to the album.

o ya! | Reviewer: Kyrstin | 5/25/07

love the song!1 of my favorites!everything to the song i good like the lyrics, the beat, and...well...the song!

4 u.. | Reviewer: marshall | 5/18/07

yeah, this song is great!! i can dedicate this to my ex girlfriend... she lied me

i love this song | Reviewer: hayley | 5/17/07

this song rules its my fav. on the cd other then savior but other then that this song is so awesome i love you and cant wait til im able to go to our concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About attackk nd 30 seconds to mars | Reviewer: s2 Jelzzz s2 | 5/13/07

this song is soo freekin amazing..=) i'm listening to ta song ryt now. This song relate to real lyf and isnt all soppy which is good -thumbs up- And the band ohh-mah-goddd jared is so hot i watched their concert and was amazed to see how he can sing the song with the same amazing voice he has in the album..keep rocking 30stm you are one of the reasons i moved from pop music to rock !!!!

check it on you tube | Reviewer: corinne | 5/10/07

check youtube for his intro to this song at the 30 seconds to mars sydney concert. it was great. jared is great. 30 seconds to mars is great.
if only they knew what the music was for me

Fucking amazing <3 | Reviewer: Sauly Kinzx | 5/5/07

This song is great I love it 30 seconds to mars are fucking amazing <3 xx