going forth.... | Reviewer: Melodie | 11/17/05

The record is amazing.I understand when jared and the guys talk about how it's like a renewed and rebirthed vibe to this new album. It's deep and i can relate.I am intrigued by the journey these guys have taken, and the amazing memories they'll have.They've been to the places i've dreamed to go(& will someday....only25)And beautiful Jared with his acting career. Alexander was an unforgettable movie for me. So romantic a story of mens victories and failures.anywho..peace..Melodiexo

!!lovely!! | Reviewer: Kayla | 11/11/05

this song, is awesome, i love it... it's remarkably splendid!!

Attack! | Reviewer: Emert-X | 5/26/05

30 Seconds to Mars is my favorite group since a couple of years. I heard their firt album more than 1 million times and I have to say that I'm never tired to listen it. But the first single of A beautiful Lie is simply... beautiful! I like the rythm and music... I can't wait that the new album comes out!