Amazed! | Reviewer: Sir Psycho Runner | 4/30/12

MY favorite song from 30S2M! Love hearing their music whenever I feel angry or about to do some reps on the track. All thanks to M29, who really doesn't know how much they mean to me..and Jared Leto's voice is so kick-f*cking-ass...ah, I swear, I'm going to kiss those lips of his to let him know how I appreciate his voice and music;D lol

The best song EVER! | Reviewer: Sache | 1/19/11

From what I see, both from its lyric and video, this song is about abusive relationship. Which could be like from parents to children, couples, or anything.

The main thing is, because of their love to the people who abused them, they were blinded. They couldn't see what's wrong and what's not since the abusers, aside from torturing them, they did sweet-talking too. So the tortured thought abusive was ok because it meant the abusers did to show their love the tortured.

The tortured couldn't leave this circle. Because what's worst than leaving their loved ones?

But this relationship won't end up forever. It would break and finally, the tortured will be free.
At first, it would feel heart-breaking to be apart from their love. But as time passed, they would realize their relationship before was total bull and all about pain.

That's why, people who were abused had to tell someone. Because they couldn't save themselves alone if they were blinded by love, weren't they?

A strong song! | Reviewer: DeathEternal | 11/14/10

In my opinion, This song could be about this situation:

The man singing is being underestimated by a person(Probably a person close to him), and Decides that in a harmful situation, he has less to live for, and his life may not be that great, so He decides that he is the one who should take a stand, and tells the person close to him to leave and run away- Only because he doesnt want that person getting hurt or being involved.

The feeling | Reviewer: Dude | 10/25/10

So we all know this song is amazing and all but the most I love about these songs is the rush. Once in a while there is a song i hear and I just get this feeling which makes me want to listen to the song even more! Anyway great song

one of their best songs!!!!!! | Reviewer: daniella | 7/14/10

This song is unbelievably brilliant!!!! You can't help but love it like all the other 30 seconds to mars songs. The lyrics to this song are so powerful and it is amazing how they can keep getting better when you think they have reached their full potential!!! I will always love 30stm <3<3 x

:D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/10

The song is not only freakin kickass, with his crazy vocals, and they keyboard, and the guitar and drums, but the lyrics are so true!! i think the point of the song is that he was with someone that underestimated him, someone that took advantage of him,and that hes so angry hes gonna attack O.o xD haha but seriously, the lyrics are put together so beatifully, even if the songs angry as hell. it makes sense to me and i can relate to what hes thinking.
he doesnt like to be forced or looked down upon.

loooooooove | Reviewer: maeee | 11/16/09

They killed it in the kill, from yesterday, and a beautiful lie, but now im obsessed with attack. i listen to it at least four times a day. and you dont have to worry ill always be a diehard fan of 30 seconds to mars and the hot lead singer <33 (:

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/09

wow what a song it evokes so many emotions at the same time. you don't know whether to cry or just go out and punch somebody. i love this song i listen to it all day at work.... thank you for this song 30stm

Amazing | Reviewer: Amz_TheKill | 6/24/09

I swear I feel like I'm against the world ALL of the time. Nobody seems to understand....except for 30STM. I hackin luv this song! I think of everybody, including myself, the enemy. The song is freakin awesome.

One of the best songs EVER!!! | Reviewer: Spazzy Turnips | 4/8/09

This is an amazing song! The band is really talented, too! I kind of feel like the song summarizes how I feel towards people, & I'm sure others feel the same way too. 30STM is one of my favorite bands now!!

AmazingInEveryWay | Reviewer: Mee :] | 1/16/08

This band is incredible, and for loads of different reasons. to be honest, alot of the stuff i wanna say has already been said, but there are so many great things about this band, you just cant help but fall in love with them.

Thank you 30stm, you are an ispiration :]

AMAZIINNG | Reviewer: jasmine | 12/29/07

yes, as I've always said, this song is the best of the record, and one of the best songs of thirty seconds. I love this band, and i fortunatly could see them in the concert here, in Argentina.

:) | Reviewer: Kisi | 12/10/07

I agree that this song relates to all of reminds me of my current situation...Kinda feeling depressed...everybody says i've changed and shit...but this song ... very good lyrics and sound...keep it up 30stm :D

AMAZING! | Reviewer: Leia | 12/11/07

This song is one of 30 seconds to mars' best songs! it has meaning, great rythmn, great tune, great singer! :P! I love this band like no other!!! go them!!! Good luck to them! xxx

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/07

this song is one that once you hear it you get so addicted to it. And it's not just this one it's all of their songs. They all have such deep meaning and it doesn't always mean the same thing for each person but they are definitley one rockin band