Pure genius | Reviewer: Selassie | 10/9/12

Back in the days when i read about bob marley's philosophies n his ability to confront everyday hardship through his music,i thought was it ever gonna be sum1 of his callibre,then came tupac, boy!! i am not a hip hop fan or whatever ada name they may call it this days,first time i heard his music and what it was about,aluda continua,bob marley's comeagain if not moses in a different genre"free our people with music"

i have really missed 2pac | Reviewer: kojoasamoah | 3/17/10

i have listen,watch n read about 2pac n i hardly stop maself from tears if i pass by any place n i hear his song or set my eye on his face in any magazines.2pac i really miss u n ur name will be never forgetted, REST IN PEACE NEGGA THERE IS A HEAVEN FOR A JEE.

Tupaq Always #won | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/09

Tupaq... Always #1 in the game. Looking through his rearview.

The pressure. The pressure. The Heart and Soul.

Damn Haters and those in high places.

They robbed the world of a pure genius. Nobody could or ever will touch
his ability. So young. Too young to be taken.

So young and still the songs done can't be touched. What if...
He was still around?... Not for just the songs that he could have given the world...

But to full fill his own dreams and have the right to live. To Live...

You'll always be in our hearts and missed. Be with GOD.

2Pac the king | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/07

2Pac is the king of rap and hiphop
fuck 50 and all other new rappers wannabe.
Not many rappers staying real these days.

Ice cube is probobly the only one that ain't just rapping for the money and the girls
fuck G unit.
Keep doing your job Game

2Pac - I will always remember you, one of our fallen heroes.