staring through my rear view | Reviewer: youngshozy | 10/15/14

2pac is the greatest rapper of all time,i always got tears in my eyes when i listen to is song cos i find it so hard how he got his brain thinking all those words,sometime i call him rap messiah as someone who laid the foundation of how rap was suppose to be today but so sad those bitches out there ain't follow the rules..we love you pac and we will do forever,and i'll be your advocate til i loose my breath who is with me? add me on facebook adeshola kayode adeshina....thats my name aka lfpac,youngshozy,and d love nighas

tupac | Reviewer: THUG MOTAVATOR | 2/21/12

Tupac made important messages in his lyrics like brends got a baby about a 12 yr old he wasn't only the best rapper but the best motavational rapper in a thug type way so he tought ppl things

yall know! | Reviewer: who knows | 6/17/09

This guy is the man!
bone thugs doing it right for him!
thank god that we were blessed with this nigga who always put the truth out there! and if people didnt like hel with them..but nahh peace be with that nigga!...thug love baby!

The realist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/09

I agree with you guys. This is Dren, I am a part of Thug Life X...the new chapter of Thug Life..and I just did a song with Layzie Bone, and I, myself am blown away by his

Hopefully we can bring this style of rap back.

what happen | Reviewer: ej | 9/8/08

what hapen to this kind of rap? seriouly todays rap is horrible. when i hear bone thugs dr.dre snoop dogg nwa ice cube tupac notorious big mobb deep diddy etc i always ask myself...what happen to this kind of rap and where did it go wrong? now raps just about fame money and girls no more talking about your hood or how it was like growing up i just hope before i die rap could go back to the way it was but for now todays rao shouldnt be called rap its a discrace!

2pac Bone Thugs LEGENDS | Reviewer: KCMO | 3/7/08

Words can't even describe the greatness of 2pac Shakur not only as a person but as a prophet messenger saint artist writer actor homeboy rapper activist. He is and always will be the greatest rapper of all time, I hate when he's compared to biggie. Bone thugs I feel are truly underrated I feel like they should be recognized as the greatest rap group of all time, there beats, style, flow, rhythm, every song is AMAZING same goes for 2pac. It never seems to fail with Pac and the thugs, todays rap is fuckin terrible.

till the end of time! | Reviewer: lizard raj | 1/19/08

Pac is still live in our mind and soul 4eva!
No rapper can take his place. This thug doesnt think twice to come out with the truth. The voice of truth .The most outstanding poet of all time!!This song really make me feeel like im a thug !!V LUV U PAC!!!!!!!!!

Thugs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/07

Theres no arguing that Pac is the best lyricist off all time, but when u talk about skilld no one can show up the thugs, bizzy and krazie tear up every song thier in with incredible speed and one of the best flows in history

Bizzy stomps all | Reviewer: Mizz | 10/26/07

2 Pac certainly is a legend, but Bone thugz N' Harmony truly shine in this song, especially bizzy. He takes the cake here. Bizzy shows everyone up including 2 Pac in this song if you ask me... I'm not saying he's better than 2 Pac, but in this song he is incredible.

Madness with Pac & Bone | Reviewer: ceez | 9/20/07

This is song is Krack, you cant produce stuff like this, no one can. Todays rap is BS compared to the feeling something like this gives off. How are you going to say:
'I caught a plane out to Cleveland late last evening
To help my niggas clean up some niggas no longer breathing now'

That shet blew me away, sat me down on my sit.
2pac is a fuckin poet, so sad he had to go, but that made his life all that much more real with his art.

HE LIVES | Reviewer: Mishey | 9/13/07

Pac was, is and will be until the end of times. Say what you can but the truth is, He Lives forever in your mind, body and spirit. He( PAC) says "even if I die now I will live eternally never lie down"So what you bitch ass niggaz talking about? PAC 4 LYF.

Tupac rules | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/07

That is true Hashem Shafi, in this song it does say he's alive he's alive he's alive, but whos to say its the truth he is alive, maybe, but who the fuck knows, all i know is this is a deadly song R.I.P Tupac

wish he was alive but he aint | Reviewer: david solis | 8/17/07

i wonder what other bad ass song pac would have made if he wouldnt died i wonder what songs i could have smoked drank or had sex the world may never know

alive or dead still the best fuckin thing to ever happen to the rap industry | Reviewer: RGM (a.k.a THE ROYAL GAME MASSCRE) | 8/16/07

yoyo tupac can be dead or alive, either way, what does it madder, we'll never find out. but i believe he is alive, and soemoen above wrote a true gansgter wouldnt hide. well tupac was interviewed and he said he wanted to get out of the rap and gangster game, the only way out was to be killed or fake a death, look at, check it out it will change your mind

rest in peace 2pac | Reviewer: oswaldo | 8/11/07

he man 2pac is da shyt he da best rapper and gangsta i ever known i like his song once moe 2pac rest in peace and bless u forever and we will keep hearing ur songs