once addicted 2 a hoe thinking it was a wife,,, shiiit | Reviewer: colins | 8/20/13

I have spent my years with a damn bitch, thinking she was a wife, not knowing she was a hoe,,, shiiiit, the liquor made me blind by the time I was with her, ans she was like giving out her number to any niga she meet, dame, I had 2 let her go Coz I couldn't turn a hoe into a house wife, thanks pac, u will forever be in my heart with unconditional love.

Cool | Reviewer: misual | 10/3/07

I too like this song alot.. coz, M also with a hoe fo a time.. I like it along and dedicated to tha hoe.. Will I love her or shall I diss her? betta diss her.. yeah.. Pac RIP u rock in ma life

godd | Reviewer: jamie pitnak | 2/26/07

i like this song very much i am to a hoe