D Tanquery blinded him buh 2pac re-saw d light be he died | Reviewer: Mark Duily Pac(Follow Jesus) | 6/3/14

Do anyone remember the first line in verse 1(one) song, ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME NOW..."He said, perhaps I was blind to the fact"...Now here iz "so many tearz" Been witness to homicide...seen drivebys takin live,little kidz die... I wonder why as I walk by Broken-hearted as I glanced thru the chalk line......I wanna change Buh ain't no future right for me

What is means | Reviewer: Tupawasthe greases | 3/10/14

To do the song " I get around" tupac did the same thing countless music stars do he sold his soul, PAC soon regretted because he was educated smart brave and had principles , and morals PAC refused to partake in a devil ceremonies which all who sell their soul must do, so he got a bogus rape charge, and they put a hit on him and he still lived now PAC started warning people about the illuminati and wanted to destroy the illuminat so he named his album killuminati kill-illuminati when he said "every move I take is calculated step to an early death" he knew the illuminat were trying to kill him because he was speaking truth in his songs and he brook the oath that all stars take when they work for the illuminat, PAC knew he sold his soul so he was begging Lord for forgiveness,PAC knew he was going to die that the illuminat would kill him but yet he staid fighting, that's what makes him brave and special. I believe the Devil is a lie and if PAC asked for forgiveness from Lord the The Lord will grant it. It interesting PAC died on the 7 day that's a Christian number

Pac iz a true legent | Reviewer: Amaru jnr | 6/14/13

2pac he ws a persn who beisd on truth he tolking abt life he liv i remembr whn he said"im nt a killer bt dn't push me" no pac he ws lyk MANDELA to me he change meny lifs r.i.p pac

Pac, so many tears | Reviewer: Don Castro | 3/27/13

Man, 2pac though deceased, remains the best rapper ever lived in this fucking planet earth. His lifestyle while on earth was nothing to write home of but Im really touched by the definition of "so many tears". Been tired and hopeless of his lifestyle and the world around him, he doubted if there was any hope for him..... Aint no future for me Im stuck in the game. All the same, those who have seen the light should teach others in the dark how to see the light. Pac cried for help but people around him looked away.

A Rapper who Personified Violence. | Reviewer: Ravindran.Farhad | 9/27/12

People only know tupac for been a thug. They dont know the good he did. The lifes he changed , the hearts he touched. So people be thankful that he died trying to change the world. My theory is the illuminati had tupac killed.

2pac is 2ruly a legend | Reviewer: Aveli | 6/2/12

I hav neva seen an4 artist lyk dis nigga pac a man dat believes dat God yet stil live by gun(G) 2 survive so pls dnt condem him cos no one knws his destination hell or heaven he is a man dat fought racism 2 da last hw i wish i can be lyk him. I luv u MAKAVELI D DON rest well.

So many tears | Reviewer: Prince Hope Esharegharan | 4/15/12

I feel sorry for all those who loved 2pac, he says in his lyrics that his destiny is in hell, wishing to die premature and be trapped in eternal fire, have u taken time to study his lyrics? They are anti christ and negative as such that we sing along as it plays on in the radio or our private sets, in directly we speak his words refering his doom and pains to ourselves.

so many tears | Reviewer: Charles. I. Prince | 1/31/12

Pac was seen as a shinning snake which his lifestyle depict. He hav 2 identities runing inside him, 1 want to live, but d other woud'nt let go. He needed God's protection, but d money in d thug life betrayed his true salvation. D whole gheto and d world mis him. Jesus is God.

many tearz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/11

day lyrics remembered me my past miserys nd tearz iz wat ful ma mind had it been 2pac iz stil alyv by given it smthought it mks more sense its 2ru dat he iz gon but hiz epic 'll never end..halla 2 shakur.

wHat a Song! | Reviewer: Ugochukwu Odulukwe | 8/25/11

... Pac was simply amazing to say d least. I can't even contain my emotion 2wards d guy. D song is an exposé dat x~rays d street life Tupac encountered wen he was alive, like a maze he was trapped btw life's harsh choices. We miss u Pac!

so many tears | Reviewer: abdi fatah pac's | 7/18/10

2 pac shakur was a uh i cant iven imagine his lyrics it touchs evry body he was truely love his mum n his god how many times he say letter 2 my unborn child dear lord can u save me..an also lord im enternal please rest peace can take care of all my seed n also dear god forgive me 4r my sins i never steel or deal again i remember 1 of his interview pac why amarican ppl does't understand my lyrics am of pac u gonna stay our heart until da end of time love u bro

Siko | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/10

I love this song not because It has good lyrics or because of the beat like slot of songs that are out now but I love this song because I can relate to it I interpret this song as tupac looking in a mirror knowing what type of person he is and not being proud of what he is but not being able to get out of the situation I a problem that I too am experiencing it's something that every one growing up in projects or a bad hood can relate to

So Many Tears | Reviewer: 4th Lifeee | 3/6/10

Real soon..n its so true..this my 4th life so i stand by how he shouldve been..money aint life..your heart is life..cause it keeps you alive..tupac knew what was going to happen to him..but money and encouragment it kept his eyes blind from what he should do. Never forget God..read the story from the bible about Jonahs n him trying to run away from loving God..but God saved him 2 make him see the truth..God saved me 3times..so i know hes for real..n has our back

revelation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/09

"This ain't the life for me, I wanna change
But ain't no future right for me, I'm stuck in the game
I'm trapped inside a maze" wow this verse says it all. tupac was living a life he felt was not difnified; but he realized he was stuck in that lifestyle so being the man that he was he made the best of it.

So Real | Reviewer: ociecla | 6/23/09

Today is the first time I listened to this song by Tupac. It demonstrates to me the agony of living a life that was contrarary to who he really was and what God created him to be. Satan has a way of entrapping you by the bling blings of this world and in the end, you will end up in torment by your own choices. This song depicts a young man that was just that, trapped by his choices. I was always told, it's ok to grow up in the ghetto as long as the ghetto is not in you. I wonder did anyone hear his cry, i wonder if anyone was a true friend, who was there to share the word of God with him. He was looking for peace that could not be found any anything but Christ. I am in tears as I take the responsibility myself for not reaching him. The question really is, how many people are in your presence daily that feels this way. Are we too caught up in our own agenda not to see the hurt of people and hear the cries of their heart. This man was being tormented by the same demons that put him on top of the game. If we dont get about some better business for the Lord, many will be lost this way. I hope this has charged you to Served the Lord and commit to carrying his word to someone. TUPAC wanted Peace from God. Jesus is that Peace.