DAMN | Reviewer: B-Lack | 4/4/09

Man Pac was a pure genius and master of making you feel what he was going through. He was not the ordinary person, let alone MC. The things he was blessed with was God, he truly had a gift from above and he used it well.

2pac | Reviewer: iamthem | 8/16/08

Man.. This song.. Its... deep on too many levels... you can see and feel his pain.... his hopeless feeling... he was tired of all this bad shit going on in his life. Ill always have luv for the greatest, 2pac shakur rest n peace big homie hold it down up there....

So many tears | Reviewer: Leviticus Iscariot | 12/30/07

I love so many tears cause it spoke to me on a personal level. I admire 2pac, I think he is a powerful orator and leader.

Amazing | Reviewer: Lee | 7/22/07

This album was pure emotion, how good are the lyrics to this tune. amazin!

so many tears | Reviewer: CECIL | 4/30/07

2pac was the best ever mc and even today no one would match him .I really admire him .