my shit | Reviewer: debo | 1/9/2008

here is my rap.........mary-go-round,mary jane u smoke me down,i smoke u down.ur the only bud for me that i can toke on everyday and its no lie iam in love with ya mary jane thats why i can smoke ya everyday keep it real pac luv ya peace.......

R.I.P. Pac | Reviewer: R.I.P. L.A. King | 5/27/2007

what albumn is this from?

R.I.P. L.A.'s King, we miss ya bru

"You was caught in a wild homicide, or were you crucified like the son of God, when Lucifer lied" NaS, "we will survive"

2pac4ever | Reviewer: crackskifteri | 4/8/2007

i hope that he's a live :( westside 2pac never Da ;) best raper in da World (L)

Dpac | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/2007

damn,2pac is the man I can't believe he died.Damn